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South Korean basketball player Ha Seung-Jin, now play with me?

10268595122010-03-26 22:11:25 +0000 #1
2009 25th Asian Basketball Championship after the end of Ha Seung-Jin going? Doing now 呀! How the total is not his press 呀? China's CBA league be able to increase revenue Ha Seung-Jin?
lovedeipan2010-03-26 22:21:15 +0000 #2
Jeonju KCCEG-SB. The nation's top inside player. In Asia, is also a good player. Currently playing for their country's league. World basketball is not very high on his concerns. After all, not every big man like Yao Ming can be as successful.
Appalling XX2010-03-26 22:43:43 +0000 #3
However, there should be a bar fight in Korea was also injured again and again what the league



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