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2010 Slam Dunk Contest Champion: Shannon. Brown

hp05272010-03-27 01:11:02 +0000 #1
2010 Slam Dunk Contest champion destined to belong to this little man
CF_FC2010-03-27 01:26:37 +0000 #2
Really? Louzhu so confident?
Chiu Fung2010-03-27 01:36:11 +0000 #3
very much agree!

Nate back no idea of the

If you Rohe praise can cause points to the estimated threat
Shadow feather look for maple2010-03-27 01:35:07 +0000 #4
agree with Lou Zhu's view, this guy jumping (especially the run and jump) is so abnormal, and coupled with Kobe Bryant incredible efforts (Bryant said he would give Brown Weapon, and may do some tie), have great potential winner turned out to belong to this person. There. . . I am a Kobe fan, to support the Lakers do. . . Hehe
Feng Huang2010-03-27 02:35:09 +0000 #5
agree agree! ! !

Support for Brown! ! !

Coupled with his ball cheer Bryant, who over too! ! !



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