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LeBron how wonderful If you go to the Magic?? Likely to take title do???

Man Hyosung live2010-03-27 02:11:52 +0000 #1
To seriously answer Oh
bloody Fung phoenix2010-03-27 02:27:43 +0000 #2
how should I say? Take champion very promising.

Little emperor with Howard Strong is strong, are relatively new force in the coalition leader. An inside-out. The rule of force and both amazing. Restrictions on an already very difficult, can both limit the team is unlikely to exist.

However, it seems to me this proposition is in fact on another proposition

but are star players. Will always be a right of allocation of the ball, both have the data. Can not it too. Both the data often leads to decline. But the team is definitely much a higher level.

Like Celtic three giants together, and selfless sharing. Help the new team. Data are dropped, but a round of championship dreams

This proposition has anything to do with it, the Union there is a rule, not everyone knows it. Regular access to the Internet may have heard the word: making Star Sports. The reason for the superstar superstars the importance of data is self-evident. Terms of data, union leader James is absolutely no one. And Howard have co-operated. Data down, it may not be opened, and other significant difference between players. James is not a championship, because the data greatly affected by the absolute position.

NBA in a few decades ago was not so popular as it is today, NBA and the CBA has the same nature, that is, a country's business alliance. Be able to reach today's influence. NBA 4 David Ren. Stern contributed

His campaign issued a star-making, helped Jordan get outside the world that endure.

Outside was the world Why? Basketball is a giant movement. On the inside of how important the team. There is a saying that was inside NBA bidders days. And Jordan Lenz is a point guard identity, unification that the era of rampant cattle inside B (that time, the inside is Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O'Neal, Patrick Ewing, Robinson, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley). Level of all monsters inside.

The Jordan became the NBA's endorsement virtually word from NBA swept the globe.

Of course, I am not to belittle the achievements of Michael Jordan. However, there certainly superstar whistle ...

And now Stern is probably the most likely to copy that James Jordan, the myth, so I hope the power of his own (from the super-insider, O'Neill clearly passed its peak) led the team to win the overall champion.

this championship gold content of the James case to be much higher.

, but having said that, even if you is not true. this year, Knight is popular in the big championship. this year's playoffs will be very good-looking
tian923252010-03-27 02:33:16 +0000 #3
ke neng
Black and white bell the cat2010-03-27 02:25:32 +0000 #4
him to the Magic have money to buy his first magic, james capacity without saying that the key to the command of Van Gundy, and in general the championship is no problem
mingjizaixin_12010-03-27 03:25:43 +0000 #5
that there is a fight do
A non-flow C2010-03-27 04:10:40 +0000 #6
sport of champions. . But you fail to realize the idea of the estimated
benevolent Purdah2010-03-27 03:39:41 +0000 #7
First of all, take a look at the current tactical magic bar. Of course, other than the main line. And Howard has now been used to attack the outside center of gravity. So if James went to the magic, then I think on the tactical system, and the tactical execution should, no problem. Of course, the premise is the relationship between James and Howard should be harmonious. Think about it, if this lineup. Howard, James, Lewis, Nelson. 4 All-Star players. The absolute strength of the powerful. Than the union of any team, only strong not weak. Of course, if the wish to bring a championship, not strength, strong enough to can. For example spot to play, coach and tactical arrangements, as well as luck. Finally, I want to correct one point, NBA team owners who have never begrudge money-burning. Only they feel there should be not worth it, can not afford not to buy from. However, if James really went to the magic, then the magic of the luxury tax is unavoidable. The amount of luxury tax could be a lot. And the NBA team owners have all agreed that the luxury tax is definitely an extra expense. So no one is willing to great addition to the team day to day expenses, but also pay the luxury tax.
Snow mineral water2010-03-27 03:35:17 +0000 #8
little emperor would never go to magic, because in addition to Kobe and Shaq that year co-operation in addition, NBA teams have always been unlikely that the existence of more than one super-star phenomenon. This is definitely a good thing for the audience, but between the players and the players is not a good thing because the mountain does not allow two tigers in the other player's position is difficult. (Just as the Lakers) while the club is also mixed, the Arena each of the auditorium were full, and the chance to win a significant increase in the overall championship, but often more than the sale of the club's player limit , you can not buy a front-line end of the top second-tier players, and would not have to talk about plans for the young team.

If the little emperor went to the Magic, then Michael Carter must leave, I do not think that the overwhelming majority of fans want to see. If Cleveland can not win the championship, this year, the biggest probably go to New York, and after all, the ceiling, where there is still much room for the players, but also big cities, like large sharks Why did LA.

Little emperor is not going to magic, even if the go, it may not Wenna championship, because the overall strength of the Lakers was also very strong, Celtic, and since winning experienced team to the Finals, psychological will be much better. For example: great white shark that year in the magic 0:4 defeat at the rocket, the previous year, led the Magic Warcraft 1:4 defeat at the Los Angeles Lakers.



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