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Basketball fans come in? ? ? . .

livepooo2010-03-27 03:10:22 +0000 #1
First, I am a basketball fan. (Basketball more than soccer may become the world's first sports do). . . My own sense of not possible, because: 1: You can see Chinese football grades are so bad there are so many fans. 2: Do you see Kobe Bryant (8 years living in Italy), Nash (with parents immigrated to Canada from the United Kingdom) Europe nine out of ten all like football (as well as South America and Africa). 3: Every World Cup are all dead 50 people. (Not gambling lost to death, because death of a heart attack too excited. I really have not heard that playing basketball, tennis, table tennis, badminton has moved to the dead). 4: It is now smaller in Japan and South Korea and other Asian places is also developing well. Liverpool home atmosphere combined 30 NBA teams can not match. Is that we cool discuss the issue. Do not know if they have any different views? ? ? ? 22 00
Xiao-xi-xi 8,857,0572010-03-27 03:18:49 +0000 #2
possible, in our classes, there are many boys like basketball, in their influence, I started to like basketball, as long as you around some people like basketball, you would gradually like him.
kernnathan2010-03-27 03:55:34 +0000 #3
I think the bar on the basketball stadium Liren if there will be more likely would be impossible, however, as a

football than basketball cattle may be due to football basketball scoring goals is not easy too easy
Green dam I2010-03-27 04:17:17 +0000 #4
I also do not think the audience may be

the first group of basketball than football so extensive, that is, basketball than football for some countries, less popular, there is Lou Zhu said that in some parts of South America soccer is indeed a first movement

As for the home atmosphere, I feel, and the size and open space related to basketball in China, so why the fire completely and Yao Ming, was elected champion on that year, China's basketball fever is a decade into the 21st century, have such a big progress, so football remain the world's first major sports.
Coke plus little ice2010-03-27 03:25:39 +0000 #5
in the near future I think the basketball more than football should be impossible, after all, Europe, America, We all know that football atmosphere. However, basketball in China, I think it is a comparative advantage in the schools, residential, businesses where there will be a basketball court, more convenient, there is a very important point, a lot of victims of Chinese football fans ah! And a high level of football is not a prime time broadcast of the time, mostly late at night, while the nba right time for a little while, relatively speaking! So I think basketball in China should be the first movement!
cousteau1232010-03-27 05:05:16 +0000 #6
may be, the key is its promotion efforts, we are the reason why the Chinese people will like basketball, that is, to promote the NBA hero Yao Ming
cherish the ideal glory days of yesteryear2010-03-27 04:32:08 +0000 #7
ah your analysis is not done in a reasonable way of saying so, said Yao Basketball In just 48 minutes, the two sides be able to obtain eighty or ninety minutes or even hundreds, but in football in more than 80 minutes to take 12 minutes are so hard to break, but each time they are all very wonderful fact, I like basketball for many years that Clear NBA looks like more than a decade to see very few women female bar, but I must admit that football gives people a feeling of great enthusiasm a broad sense of the kind of stadium that both rain and wind have insisted in the end the audience where there is a feeling that his audiences Think of the cheers and the singing was really touched people in particular like the night after the lights turn on the effects of these are the kind of basketball can not compare the history of football there is too long to mention it is also originated in China Project However, the performance of modern China can not be justified ... ...
War in summer2010-03-27 05:17:07 +0000 #8
is basically impossible, to personally feel that the site conditions, limitations and technical rules is the most important two aspects of the

We sure love a child playing soccer, and why? There is no rule restrictions, there is no space constraints, you hold a football to find a hutong, casually put two bricks on a goal can do. Several children can play together. Basketball can be different, in order to carry out shooting action, both gains and basket, two were also a good upper body strength. Basically, in the fourth grade before the ball can throw on the backboard, you are peers in the Hercules had. Football can be different, I can play again and then kicked his legs far, this is not to far away Mody. Basketball may fail at the total can not expect them to come to empty pick bar. Casual, non-support also pay attention to what



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