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What is the NBA restricted free agent?

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What is the NBA restricted free agent?
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There are two types of free agents: Restricted non-restricted. A non-restricted free agent can be completely free with the other team signed home team there is no way to stop him. A restricted free agent gave him match the other teams the home team out of the contract opportunities. For example: in August 2002, when Minnesota signed Ricky Davis with, his home team Cleveland Cavaliers matched the contract, leaving him.

In the CBA last among all players contracts are "restricted" this option, on a CBA completely removed the restricted free agent mechanism, and all restricted players to re-division of a non-player limit - This is why the loss of Shaquille O'Neal Orlando Magic that year, he was originally restricted the players ...

The current CBA in certain restricted free agent on the basis of available mechanisms, such as rookie first-round pick of the four-year contract Once on shore, the automatically become a restricted free agent (see question 38). All in the 98-99 season, after NBA free agent, if they are effective in the NBA three years, but also restricted (However, if the first-round draft pick of the team failed to implement the fourth year team option, then, this New Horizons will be the third year of the contract and became non-restricted free agent). All the other free agent will be unrestricted.

In order to make their own have become a restricted free agent, the team must before June 30 to submit a bid contracts (qualifying offer) to the players. To a rookie contract offer players the amount of the contract, depending on the player's draft picks (see question 38). To all other players bid contracts must be his last at 125% of salary, or the League of basic salary plus 15 million, whichever is large (see question 9). Quote contract period be for one year. If the team exceeds the salary cap, they will automatically get a special case, with the exception of the amount of the considerable amount of the contract to submit an offer.

When the team you want with the other teams signed restricted free agent, they need to offer an invitation to the contract (offer sheet), the players once they have accepted, then the mother of his team have 15 days to match the offer the contract ( that is, the same amount proposed by a contract). This invitation contract must be at least three years, the main provisions can not contain non-cash forms of compensation. For example: If you Who gave the Denver Nuggets free agent a set of beach villas, then living in the desert there is no way to match Denver, such a contract. If the player's home team carried out a priority, matching the principal terms of this contract, the player is equivalent to the same home team signed a contract in accordance with the contract is no longer a free agent. If the home team had not been implemented within 15 days of priority, this contract will become a new team players and a formal contract, he will no longer be a free agent.

Team can not give the home team a free agent to provide any compensation in exchange for giving up the mother team match the contract. For example, the Golden State Warriors Houston sent a draft pick, exchange does not match the Warriors Houston's invitation contracts, this practice is not allowed.

Team can withdraw their offer to restricted free agent contracts this case, the players will be unrestricted free agent. 2002 Toronto's Keon Clark on the part of this situation.

Team can recover the 15-day waiting period to invite the contract, if the three players and both teams agree. However, the purpose of the contract can not be invited back in order to achieve a better deal (for example, a sign).
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the body of a contract
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are under contract



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