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What is the NBA player option?

244,035,6032010-03-27 04:11:17 +0000 #1
What is the NBA player option?
Rul5202010-03-27 04:27:37 +0000 #2
For example, you and the team signed a 2 +1 contract marked the final year player option

then you kick down two years later, can choose whether or not to continue to play this team if you do not choose to be here fight, then become a restricted free agent, you can go to sign other teams, but if this case you and other teams want to sign 100W to the original owner then you can match that also gives you 100W, but you can not go to a new team to be in the original owner continues to play
q6548847652010-03-27 04:19:23 +0000 #3
player option is the year when the players can choose to stay in or leave the team to other teams, the team with the corresponding options, the team may choose to let players leave or leave -
だ Tz ± ╃ じ ★2010-03-27 05:04:47 +0000 #4
Options Terms

option provision allowing the contract was extended for one more season. For example, a six-year contract and with the seventh year option means that if the implementation of this option, the contract will be extended into a seventh year, if not implemented, then the contract after the end of the sixth season, the players become free agent. In the Options prior to the year prior to July 1, option must be choose to implement (or non-execution). Once implemented, option can not be canceled.

There are several types of options:

team option: making the team has the right to implementation of the option years. There can be only one option year (Translator's Note: Here there may be wrong, Carlos Boozer's first NBA team, and about two options years), and the option-year salary can not be lower than the previous season.

Player options: make the players have the right to implementation of the option years. There can be only one option year, and option years of his wages can not be less than the previous season.

Players early termination option (ETO): makes the player have the right to terminate the contract early. ETO can not be in the contract before the end of the fifth season there (so that the contract must be six or seven years), and the implementation of ETO can decide on the player or team performance.

Player option used to be a way to give the players more money. A long-term contracts, often in the right players for Byrd set a player option year. Once Bird players the right to enable the option to become a free agent, and then get the team to use a higher wage Bird signed a new contract. The current CBA to prevent the end of the season in the fifth-year pre-set options, or set more than one option, the above is not spent on this practice



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