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NBA team how to operate? Main source of income?

241.32308 million2010-03-27 04:12:01 +0000 #1
Trouble in detail 1:00
sytfdamao2010-03-27 04:20:21 +0000 #2
sources of income:

most important thing is broadcast fees, sub-two parts, one is the integration of NBA broadcast rights for sale, about 10E more than U.S. dollars, generally the team can get the 4000 -- 5000W; 2 is the seat of the local broadcast of the team charge, the teams will get 10 million or more in general.

The second is the ticket, and with the Lakers, for example, a playoff to get into the finals will be able to guarantee the basic 1000W +, and the regular season is almost able to live a 2000W, but the gap is not small ticket area, especially if the Lakers took over with the Nets words.

In addition to these sites is advertising revenue, and this part is entirely belongs to the club, obviously the strongest in this regard rockets, are earned RMB Well, other teams in this area will basically remain more than 10 million.

There are a number of teams around the sale of goods, such as what shirt, it is not a lot.
Kaiser-Lin Na2010-03-27 04:49:01 +0000 #3
Reading NBA business model

Since 1946, NBA has gone through 59 years. In these 59 years, NBA TV are not even from a domestic league to become the world today, one of the most successful professional league, NBA sports industry, the commercial operation of the interpretation of this concept to be realized.

Pit: the first 30 years, 20 years after the grain kings

NBA's involved in all aspects of business operations, there are many of them are NBA original mode of operation, and to promote as the world's basketball leagues, as well as a variety of sports leagues to follow a successful example. In the 50 years history, NBA league to do with the first 30 years the level of training and business operations within the base; 20 years after its market, to the world, and gradually developed into a now the world's richest, most famous and most promising one of the first professional tournament.

NBA beginning, like an amateur league entertain themselves, there is no audience, no good team, there is no television. Until the 1953-54 season, NBA TV station broadcast the first time in 13 games, pay NBA3.9 million. But in nearly 20 years after that, although NBC and ABC have been two television stations broadcast NBA games, but the two have not been paid a penny NBA. This situation continued until 1973.

From the 1973-74 season, CBS Television (CBS) signed a contract with the NBA and the NBA three years, 27 million U.S. dollars to pay for broadcast rights fees. After that, CBS and the NBA contract a total of four times, to the 1986-87 season, the broadcast rights fees had risen to four-year 174 million U.S. dollars, almost 13 years ago, 5 times.

In 1984, Stern became the fourth president of NBA, it can be said that NBA milestone in the development of a major event, because almost all of today's NBA rules and regulations, operational concepts, management tools, marketing, international process, all founded Stern or his main involvement. Stern is the founder of today's NBA and the founder of the Kingdom, there is no Stern, there is no NBA today.

In the office during the Stern, NBA, the total assets doubled in five barbarians. The club from the original 22 to the present 30; leagues from a single NBA, the WNBA now, and NBDL; from the past to the present development of the domestic league in 42 languages in 212 countries and territories around the world broadcast.

Stern does not just push a highly Shahi league, he has done a lot of work to ensure that the relevant auxiliary NBA benign operation, from his 1978 senior management into the NBA since he has established a brokerage in the NBA human system (including a free transfer players), the players union negotiations with the club system, the introduction of salary caps, anti-drug conventions. Stern has also established NBA cable TV, NBA Web site, NBA City, NBA Store, NBA mobile bus, and other entertainment projects, which has almost become a way to promote basketball league a fixed mode of operation.

OTC: star 招财进宝

Over the past 10 years due to the professional league in the United States are growing rapidly, Major League Baseball, National Football League and National Hockey League are in full swing Gaode the same time, the university has flourished league the past few years there are more than professional league momentum. NBA timely adjustment of strategies, to look into the international market. NBA in 11 offices around the world, NBA's international players have also accounted for 15% of all the players. NBA, these strategies make it the world's most well-known in the United States League. Their success has affected the direction of development of other leagues and international leagues in the United States has become a trend.

Currently, NBA's advertising revenue is also growing. Now the League of apparel such as adidas, sport shoes with Nike and Reebok, drink a Coca-Cola, McDonald's foods, the network has AOL, and even children's toys, Lego has corporate sponsorship. As early as the 2002-03 season. NBA sponsor had designated 19 other kinds of ads are just countless.

In addition, Stern also played football card to attract attention. Stern came to power at the time of the Lakers and the Celtics hegemony dominated by two teams have a star - "Magic" Johnson and "Big Bird" Bird. Stern this black and one white star as a whole, the image of the NBA league to promote to the market, so that fans like the players at the same time love NBA. In "The Magician" and "Big Bird" The two have retired 90 years later, Stern Youyi Jordan as the main players in the world to promote NBA. This strategy again received miraculous, Jordan charming smile, the classic tongue movements and techniques to conquer the world fabulous fans, and even basketball players from other countries, making NBA into an international league.
Zhuge Liang 呀2010-03-27 04:33:16 +0000 #4
boss after the official allowed to buy players every year have one pick in every high school and university, select the best players! Source is the ticket ah! The more teams there will be more great audience to see, so every team wants to have a good coach and players ah!
p4075931642010-03-27 05:35:05 +0000 #5
Tickets ah, drink, ah, ah it seems there are advertisements, as well as gambling, as well as league prize money, as well as a small GE Fei Xia ......



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