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Hua Snow2010-03-27 05:11:04 +0000 #1
Kidd strange theft of personal data, personal preferences, as well as performances in which set?
'old mulberry2010-03-27 05:14:13 +0000 #2
how it sent to the basketball area come .. you should be sent Anime Zone ..

People Source:

Japanese anime "Magic fast fighting" in the hero, "the name Detective Conan "in the important role.

Name: Kaito Kuroba

Roman tone: Kaitokuroba

Japanese: Kaitou キ ッ ド

Sheng You: Kappei Yamaguchi (and the new one the same)

title: Kaitou Kidd, moonlit magician, the Sen • Heisei Robin, flat into the Lupine, end of the century magician, God's abandonment of the Aberdeen Mirage, Silver Wing magician

"strange Pirates of the Kidd" the origin of the title: strange Pirates of the Kidd international crime number is 1412. Booker Kudo Kidd In reviewing the criminal information will be sloppy, "1412" read as handwriting mistake "KID.", And later spread. "1" and "4" The first is "", "synthetic" K ";" 4 "the second installment of" 1 "to" I ";" 1 "and" 2 "synthesize" D. ". So Booker Kudo to the offender from this nickname: "KID.". (Do not ignore ".", With "." Are "1412" and deformed body) is the English name "KID" abbreviation body.

"God's abandonment of the illusion of Aberdeen," the origin of the title: "Phantom," the English word for "Phantom", "Chai" means the puppies, "God's abandonment of the dog" in the New Testament refers to God's blessings are not goats, "Tsai Goat" is "small goat" means. In English, the small goat read "Kid", that is "Kid the phantom thief."

Occupation: Kaitou, students

status: egota High School sophomore

Gender: Male

Nationality: Japan

race: yellow

Birthday: June 21, 1983

Age: 17

Height: 174cm

Weight: 58kg

Kidd's self-portrait Blood type: B

hair color: black

eye: left eye: 2.0 right eye: 2.0

Hobbies: Magic read the newspapers 【only see and their own relevant news】

Network Name: Red Herring

IQ: 400 (see "Magic fast fighting a" third "Detective debut Volume")

accents: many

family: Father: Black Feather stealing a (missing ), the mother

complicit in the crimes: Terai, Huang Assistance (housekeeper)

lover: Nakamori Green sub

worship people: stealing a black feather, Lupine (Yasenluobin)

fear of animals: fish

not good at sports: ice skating

Favorite snack: chocolate ice cream (two goals)

main rivals: in sum, three silver, white horse exploration, 江户川柯南 (Kudo a new one)

excels: 1. without any tools you can become the voice of any person;

2. can remember some of the things that other people can not remember (for example: driver's license number).

Steal clothes: a white high hat along with falling monocle, white suit, blue shirt, red tie, white shoes, white gloves, white cloak, four-leaf clover pendants, blue socks (how like the girls)

debut episodes:

in the "Detective Conan" animation in the debut:

076, "Conan VS Kaito Kidd"

132 "Magic fans killings (Event articles)"

133 "Magic fans killings ( doubt chapter) "
134" Magic fans killings (settlement chapter) "
219" famous detective Kudo a large collection of VS Kaitou Kidd "
356" Pirates of Kidd's bizarre strange air walk "
394" strange houses Great Adventure (seal chapter) "
395" strange houses in the Great Adventure (organ chapter) "
396" strange houses in the Great Adventure (settlement chapter) "
469" Kidd with the four paintings (prequel) "
470" Base Germany and the four paintings (Part Two) "
473" Kudo an adventurous young man, "
479 kimono Mercedes times together, three days ★ (Lu-off side)

515" strange moment in Pirates of the Kidd mobile magic "
537 Kaito Kidd VS strongest Treasury (prequel)

538 odd Kidd VS Pirates of the most powerful Treasury (Part Two)


3 "end of the century magician"

8 "Silver Wing magician"

10 "Detectors of the Torment "
Original Animation Video:

a" Conan VS Kid VS Yaiba sword fight big fight! "
4" Kidd and Crystal Mother "
6" to track the disappearance of precious stones! Conan & Heiji VS Kidd "
Special articles:

"Silver Wing of Time Travel"

"Conan the tenth anniversary of the People Award"

in the "Detective Conan" comic in the debut:

631 words "purple Claw"

632 words "Teleport"

633 words "three precepts"

634 words of "Zero"

674 words "Iron Beaver"

675 words "potential"

676 words "unlock"

also thought you were asking it .. to the J KIDD dotted bar --



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