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I do not know the NBA's ZvBox?
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Domestic NBA official website:

NBA is the National Basketball Association's acronym (National Basketball Association).

President: David Stern

an existing team:

Eastern Conference (east):

Atlantic Division: Knicks, Nets, Celtics, Raptors, 76ers

Central Division : Detroit Pistons, Pacers, Cavaliers, Bucks, Bulls

Southeast Division: Heat, Magic, Wizards, Hawks, Bobcats

Western Union (west):

Northwest Division: Minnesota , Denver, Utah, Portland, Seattle

Pacific Division: Kings, Lakers, Suns, Warriors, Clippers

Southwest Division: San Antonio Spurs, Rockets, Mavericks, Grizzlies, Hornets

NBA, founded in June 6, 1946. Was established called the BAA, the National Basketball Association (Basketball Association of America), is a 11 ice hockey stadium and stadium owners in order to make the ice hockey stadium outside of the time, and will not idle while the co-sponsored established.

BAA established a total of 11 teams: New York Knicks, Boston Celtics, Washington, Washington Capitols team, Chicago Stags team, the Cleveland renegade teams, Detroit Falcons, Philadelphia warrior teams, Pittsburgh Iron Men team, Providence Providence Steam Team, St. Louis and Toronto Eskimos bomber fleet team. BAA was annexed in 1949, another alliance (NBL), and renamed the NBA. 1949-50 season, NBA teams a total of 17. 1976 NBA annexation of the American Basketball Association (ABA), the team increased to 22. In 1980 to join the Dallas Mavericks NBA. In 1988, the Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat join the NBA. 1990 Orlando Magic and Minnesota Timberwolves to join NBA. In 1995 two Canadian teams to join NBA, Toronto Raptors and Vancouver Grizzlies, so NBA teams to 29. In 2004 to join the Charlotte Bobcats to 30.

】 【NBA history in 1896, the United States the first basketball organization "National Basketball League (the NBL)" was established, but it was not perfect, basketball rules, organization is not perfect, always a player in the one season can represent the number of teams participating, after a few seasons later, the organizations existed in name only.

April 6, 1946, by the United States Boston Garden boss Walter Abrand initiated the establishment of the "American Basketball Association (in short BAA)", first proposed by Brown became two of the cornerstones of modern professional basketball high-paying system and contract system, salary system means the professional basketball must have a strong financial support so that it can maintain a high level competition and attract more visitors to survive. Contract refers to a player only with a club contract and the establishment of reserve system for players to prevent loss when the players suddenly leaving the team.

1949 years, Brown's efforts, the United States the two major basketball organizations, BAA and the NBL merged into the "National Basketball Association (NBA)". Brown became the well-known founder of the Boston Celtics. NBA establishment has 17 teams, divided into three Division game, from the NBL's Minneapolis Lakers height of 2.09 meters on center George Mikan in the U.S. first to obtain the help of a NBA first season title.

From the 1954-55 season onwards, NBA by natural selection only two Eastern Conference and Western Union Division. Which was divided into Eastern Conference Atlantic Division, Central District; Western Union is divided into Central and Western District, the Pacific area.

1952, NBA center maiquen to limit the ability to score first will be restricted width of the basket three seconds from the original 6-foot expanded to 12 feet. To 60 years, the other a super-center due to the emergence of Chamberlain, NBA in turn restricted the width expanded to 16 feet. As a leading NBA teams in the score often a delaying tactic, so that competition can not attract the audience, starting from the 1954-1955 season, NBA introduced 24-second system, in which each team for each offense shall not exceed 24 seconds.

In 1973, CBS bought the company 27 million U.S. dollars the right to broadcast NBA games three years, so that the first time, NBA games onto the TV, but because the conditions do not have the live broadcast, we can only play videos.

1967, a new basketball organization ABA (American Basketball Association) was set up to either the first President George Mikan. ABA red, white and blue basketball, and implement long shot third system, also held an annual dunk contest. These measures are not allowed in the NBA. However, due to poor management, ABA in 1976 and annexed by the United States NBA Since then, NBA basketball industry in the United States to form a monopoly. Since 1979, NBA long shot system for the introduction of three points. In order to avoid too much disparity between the strength of each team, NBA has established the annual "NBA Rookie selection system", will then graduates rank players according to the level of discharge, and then by the club's final league position by the year followed by selection, ranking The latter rely on the first election, each round each team can only choose one, thus ensuring the strength of the weakest teams get the highest levels of the rookie, the weak teams selected to star in the new season are often reborn. In order to avoid monopoly of rich and powerful teams with high salaries to star players, NBA provides each team's payroll limitations. As with a lot of money to buy the star, then the inability to buy other quality players. This system ensures the best stars evenly distributed across the team, so that the strength is very close to each team. If you say "high-paying system" and the "contract system" is the NBA two important cornerstones that the "rookie selection system" and "salary limits for system" ensure that there is an NBA game intense and exciting, the unpredictability of the game will be a large number of U.S. fans attracted to the basketball court.

NBA League has also imposed transfer system, NBA players, may not be sold, only the people substitutions. From the start of the season to the first 16, on Thursday night 9 pm only, the team can be a free exchange of players. From then until the end of regular season, the team all the "frozen." Transfer contract with the NBA is Lianren Dai exchanged.

Blew out the first 58 birthday candles, cake pieces in 2005 is the latest version of the NBA map. Charlotte Bobcats, has become another one on the lavish cream cherry. 30, not the texture of the old precipitation rings, but the memory expansion, a new time and space, from 1946-2004, the team bar codes from No.11 to No.30, on an unprecedented scale of the NBA, Sanshierli.


NBA Rules NBA professional basketball team the United States alliance, which it has drawn the inevitable and the NBA rules established by the International Amateur Basketball Federation FIBA rules are different. NBA Rules provide for the FIBA rules contain various essential to effective law, there is its own distinct regional, commercial sex and to ensure and promote the wonderful performance characteristics. Here is an important part of NBA rules (FIBA rules with the focus on different parts), for readers reference.

(A) rules of the game

1. Stadium Specification

NBA stadium size is 94 feet long (28.65 meters) wide and 50 feet (15.24 meters). Course measurement is from the inner boundary along the volume, the line width of 2 inches (5.08 cm). Course at both ends of the penalty area marked with a rectangular, long 19 feet (5.79 meters) wide and 16 feet (4.88 meters). Courses marked with 3 points shots at both ends of lines, drawn is this: from the bottom line leads to two parallel lines on the sideline, each 3 feet away from the sideline (0.91 meters), and center as the center of a circle to the basket to 23 feet 9 inches (7.24 m) radius of the arc intersect. WNBA arc with a radius of 19 feet 9 inches (6.02 meters). The radius of the circle is 6 feet (1.83 meters). The radius of the circle in the circle is 2 feet (0.61 meters), a median line running through. Another four vertical edges width 2 inches (5.08 cm) mark lines, each 28 feet away from the bottom (8.53 m) extension to the floor 3 feet (0.91 meters). (Location area and the neutrality of the region as well as some signs line a little shorter.)

2. Match Time

per game in two and a half hours of 4 sections, each 12 minutes. Extra time for 5 minutes. In sections I and II, III and IV, 130 seconds rest between. Two 15-minute break between half-time. In Section 4, and overtime and any extra time between the 100 seconds rest between. In section I, II and III of the last-minute period, the shot should be stopped after the success of game clock. In the fourth quarter and overtime during the last two minutes, shooting should be stopped after the success of game clock.

3. Team

game, five players from each team composed of members of the court not less than five. If the members of the sixth personal foul, but the team is no longer eligible substitutes, the team should remain in the field, and shall register a personal foul and team foul; also fined the team a technical foul. All subsequent personal foul occurred (including the offensive foul), should follow suit. If there are only five eligible players, one of the injured players must leave or be expelled, he should be the last one due to six times a personal foul and disqualification of the team to replace. Injured or needs to be replaced every time the expulsion of the two teams should be processed in the order accordingly reverse. Any one of the players have been disqualified from re-entering competitions, shall be fined a technical foul.


First quarter start of the race game and extra time should be from the jump ball in the beginning. Sections II and III competitions kick-off by the first quarter after the team lost the ball right to the end line throw-in the beginning. Fourth-quarter kick-off by the first quarter after the teams get the ball of the right end line throw-start.

5. Dead ball, live ball, pressure the ball

When the following conditions when the ball into dead ball: ball; the ball stay in the basket or stuck in between the ring and the backboard; any one time to the end; technical foul free throws; personal foul (Boxing fouls, non-game foul); many free throws in the first free throw; court offense (for the ball go, 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 24 seconds, etc.); fighting foul; omissions of the whistle; shots or free throws after the success of ; in possession of bounds before the team. Survival of the ball the ball the following circumstances: In any jump ball, the referee toss pm; throw players can handle the ball; free throws players can handle the ball. Following the ball into the vitality of the ball: the ball is legally tapped by a jump ball when the player; the ball left the player's hand when the throw; the ball left the penalty when the player's hand.

6. Replace

substitutes should record a report from him and be replaced with players names and numbers and exposure to record the replacement of the stage area. Failure to report to the recorder, a fine of 25 dollars. Recorder should be when the ball into the dead ball whistle declared replacement (except the shot is successful), substitutes the need to enter the contest by the referee waved. Replace the disqualification of the team time for 30 seconds. The first time at a number of free throws after free throws, free throws, whether or not to allow substitutes to enter competitions. Substitutes can not replace the free-throw officer or jump ball players, unless the request to replace injured players, when the other coaches should be fine (jump) the ball side of the selection of the team gallery substitutes. Injured players can not play. Subs Once inside the game would have to stay in the field, until the next dead ball when a replacement is allowed. If you are not in conformity with an act of sportsmanship of players injured and unable to perform free throws, his coach may designate either a qualified team member to perform the free-throw line. Injured players can re-play.

7. Suspension

(l) 20-second timeout per half per team, when the right to request a 20-second pause. Each game (including overtime) may request a total of two 20-second pause. Team requested 20-second pause, only when the ball into dead ball or when to give the team control the ball. Members should be shouted: "20-second pause." In the 20-second suspension period, the team can only replace a player. If the request to replace a suspension of the team players, other teams can also replace one player. If the half-time (including overtime) in the request a second 20-second pause, should be allowed, but to suspend the registration of a routine. 20 seconds at the end if the game can not continue to be, we should also suspend the registration of a routine.

(2) Conventional suspension (100 seconds) each team has the right to request the registration of the conventional suspension of seven minor. Limit each team in the fourth quarter no more than 4 times in suspension; in the fourth quarter the last two minutes suspended no more than 3 times. In the overtime period, allowing each team three times be suspended. Members requested 100 seconds pause, only when the ball into dead ball or when to give the team control the ball. Members should be shouted: "Pause." Each section must have a two game suspension. If each section of 6 minutes 59 seconds remaining games without either a team called the pause, record keepers should be the first dead ball to take a mandatory suspension, the suspension of the home team registered in the name. During each race the remaining two minutes and 59 seconds without any one team is called the second pause, record keepers should be the first dead ball to take a mandatory suspension, the suspension of registration in the previous section are not registered under the name of the team. Allow additional suspension, but a technical foul penalty. Coach Members can stay in the game, the request for 20 seconds or 100 seconds pause.

8.24 second rule when a team won the right to a new ball, or throw into the circles on the floor when the ball is legally touched team members, the 24-second timer will be activated. Have the right to force the ball must be shot De Qiuhou 24 seconds. The completion of shooting conditions are: (1) 24 seconds before the end of the ball must leave the player's hand; (2) the ball left the player's hand, the ball must be self-contact with the basket. If within 24 seconds, the ball did not touch ring for 24 seconds offenders.

(B) of the offense and the penalties for the rules

1.3 seconds, a team controlling the ball, team members may not stay in the penalty area more than 3 seconds. The first games of a team to control the ball, begin to 3 seconds. Penalty: loss of the ball. Awarded the ball at the free-throw line to extend the other part of the sideline throw.

2. Elbow swing

does not allow players to swing too much or in vigorous elbow (no exposure). When a defensive player in the vicinity, and the offensive player holds the ball, that is to be unauthorized. Penalty: loss of the ball. Awarded the ball near the other sideline throw unauthorized locations.

3. Africa and France may not be used to help score

member ring or a backboard to lifting, supporting or improving themselves, to help shoot the ball. Members shall not assist the fellow in the shot when the increase in height. Penalty: loss of the ball. Awarded the ball at the free-throw line to extend the other part of the sideline throw.

4. Isolated

If the attacking team outside the Quanding with or without the ball side of the place more than 3 or 3 players, should be declared illegal. Penalty: loss of the ball. Awarded the ball the other side in the extension of the sideline Quanding throw.

5. Bounds the offensive team can not cover

attack in order to establish a cover front left end line at the ground area. Penalty: loss of the ball. Awarded the ball at the free-throw line to extend the other part of the sideline throw.

6. Goo goo

member shall not be used or any similar substances. Penalty: First offense, a fine of 25 dollars. Recurrence related offenses doubled.

(3) fouls and penalties

1. Technical foul

right field team or team member gallery unsporting behavior or illegal punishment, a technical foul. Survival of the ball before the ball, with the other members of the illegal contact occurred, but also be liable for technical foul.

(1) No acts of sportsmanship on any players, coaches or trainers with no acts of sportsmanship penalty of up to two technical fouls. Any violators as long as one unsporting behavior, can be expelled; have two unsporting conduct must be expelled. Unsporting behavior such as: speech, with the referee no politeness; to physical contact referees; right openly expressed dissatisfaction with sentencing; the use of the desecration of the language; without the referee to allow coaches to enter the venue; intentional elbow extension or try to tinker with, but does not contain contact. There are a number of technical fouls are not inconsistent with the sportsmanship from the result of the behavior, such as: delay in the competition; team seat regional law; the ball into the vitality of the ball field less than or more than 5 members; offensive player deliberately hanging basket ring or backboard and so on. In the dead ball occurred during the illegal access, if nature is considered inconsistent with sportsmanship, and be liable for a technical foul; if contact is unnecessary and excessive, could be ruled foul.

(2) fighting foul play or dead ball period, the players, coaches or trainers to fight, to be registered technical foul, no free throws awarded to participate in fighting personnel should be immediately deported. The other sub-fighting personnel are not under the circumstances more than 20,000 U.S. dollars in fines and suspensions. NBA competition, right foul penalty is more severe. If players, coaches or trainers can be expelled the following conditions: access to parts of shoulder level or below the elbow foul; technical foul for unsporting behavior; to unnecessary or excessive exposure caused by a malicious foul. Players, coaches or trainers, there must be expelled the following acts: a foul boxing; fighting foul; exposure above the level of the shoulder part of the elbow foul; trying punched Although there is no contact; is not a continuation of the game action, but deliberately into the stands . In order to punish and stop the foul, NBA rules also contains penalty provisions, such as: the referee that the player is deliberately hanging the basket on, should be sentenced to a technical foul and a fine of 100 U.S. dollars; the first acts of sportsmanship because they do not meet the technical foul penalty fine of 100 U.S. dollars, the second foul penalty of 150 U.S. dollars and so on.

2. A personal foul after the ball

ball survived, with the other members of illegal physical contact occurs, is a personal foul. Players are not allowed to pull, push, hit the other team members; are not allowed to rely on extended arm, leg, knee, or bending the body into an abnormal position to hinder the other members of the road. Break the rules, will be sentenced to a personal foul penalties in accordance with the relevant treatment.

(1) Both sides both foul foul is two extraordinary team members each took place about the same time personal foul or technical foul situation. Penalty: Whether personal foul or technical foul free throws are not awarded only to players registered foul, non-registration of team fouls. If the sentence when the two sides of a foul or a foul fighting team has the ball, the ball should be retained the right to interrupt a location near the race continues to play sideline throw. If the sentence double foul or a foul fighting, both sides neither team has a ball, or shooting the ball in the air did not succeed, should be any two extraordinary team members to continue to play jump ball in the circle. If the shot success, scoring effectively in the bottom-line throw to play on. If the two sides hold different views foul as a result of the referee, excluding scores, should be members of any two extraordinary teams continue to play jump ball in the circle.

(2) The offensive foul ball after the ball survived the attack took place with the other members of illegal contact, an offensive foul. Offensive player personal foul, such as the elbow is not a foul, foul boxing, nor is it a flagrant foul penalty should be handled as follows: no award of attacking team score; registered members of a personal foul foul; not to register the club team fouls ( members of the sixth personal foul, and the team is no longer qualified substitutes exception).

(3) No ball foul ball into the vitality of the ball after the two teams had not acquired the right of the ball took place with the other illegal contact, the ball is no foul. Members personal foul. If it is not boxing foul, malicious foul, nor is it elbow foul, and foul occurs when the two teams had not acquired the right of the ball, the penalty should be handled as follows: registration of members of a personal foul foul; register a team foul team foul; If the team does not appear foul penalty, awarded near the foul the other team's sideline throw location; if a team foul penalty appeared to award a free throw violation players plus a free throw. If we put the defending team the right to a no-ball foul, followed by shooting (free throws) the success of the team should be awarded a free throw violation, so there is likely to get 3 points or 4 points. This provision applies to: no matter which offensive player is a foul; regardless of whether there is a team foul penalty. If sentenced to a non-attacking team foul ball, and then shot a successful offensive players, excluding scores.

(4), a foul boxing punch the other player is boxing foul. Boxing sentencing because of illegal contact with players was a personal foul and a team foul. Should be awarded a free throw, regardless of success or failure of free throws, the ball awarded to the team violated throw in the midfield. Any member punched each other, whether or not hit, are not in conformity with the behavior of sportsmanship, he should be expelled immediately and at least stop a game. This provision only applies to race, also applies to dead ball state. If the foul occurred one after another boxing, all the contents of this provision will be applicable have been violated by the last team in midfield throw. In addition, depending on the circumstances of the member is not sentenced to more than 20,000 U.S. dollars in fines and suspensions.

(5) Non-game foul in the fourth quarter or overtime the last two minutes, the defensive team on the offensive team has the right to place the ball of illegal contact, but such contacts took place far away from the ball or a foul ball near the area not from the hand, the non-game foul penalty: registration a personal foul and a team foul; awarded a free throw (elbow foul or a flagrant foul penalty twice), he served as an executable on the team in this free-throw; and have been violated by the team near the place of interrupted play to continue to throw matches.

(6) team fouls per team per session, race team fouls more than 4 times, overtime each team's team fouls more than three times, to be sentenced to one free throw plus a penalty. If each team fouls less than 10 minutes before the Spring Festival four times, or 3-minute overtime before the team fouls less than three times, allowing the team in the final two minutes there is a team foul penalty do not have. The action of the players are doing shooting took place personal foul, two free throws awarded if the team foul penalty does not appear to increase the free-throw awarded;, such as shooting a successful, award a penalty, if the team foul penalty there are also the increase in penalty is not awarded. In other words, a successful two-point shots available up to 3 points, 3 points in a successful shot up to 4 points available.

NBA rule change process

1946-47 season: the extension of the original rules of the defense of the university was abolished (January 11, 1947)

1950-51 season: an increase of the statistical

1951-52 season rebound : In order to weaken the rule of George Mikan of the basket would be the paint from the 6-foot expanded to 12 feet

1953-54 season: In order to prevent the intentional release of the game rules require each section of each player can only have put the two regulations, this will be sent off three. (This rule has now been repealed)

1954-55 season: the introduction of 24-second rule; a team total of five times per session, put rules and the other free-throw

1964-65 season: In order to weaken the rule of Chamberlain to the basket would be the paint by 12-foot expanded to 16 feet

1973-74 season: an increase of steals and blocked shots statistics

1974-75 season: the players in the field of immoral behavior was sentenced to technical regulations put off, it needs to pay a fine of 50-100 U.S. dollars; In the extended period to end the game immediately when the request for suspension will not be agreed to

1975-76 season: In general, after a foul will be ordered to throw the ball sideline

1976-77 season: In the defensive use of excessive elbow movements was sentenced to put regulation; if the defensive player playing the ball out of bounds, offensive players in the free-throw line at both ends of the lines serve; game within 5 seconds, does not serve (for the original 10 seconds), the other one

1977-78 season free-throw line: If the coaches in the game begin after the rules of doubt, you can send an assistant coach and officials to intervene (previously could only make representations before the start of the race); in scoring if the basketball when you broke, but officials also think you are on purpose, and that is a foul. After all the foul, offensive time will be allocated back to 24 seconds; if the ball into the basket from under the basket will be judged as a foul; if the court was to fight, not the court to leave the bench players to enter the venue will be a fine of 100-150 U.S. dollars; the presence of warm-up period, if the players hanging on the basket, will be fined 25 dollars

1978-79 season: the number of referees from two to three; the ball is in flight, pulling back from the off-farm is now allowed inside, but was canceled before the ball of the right; the first technical foul, all the warnings, the second technical foul, the team will be recorded twice a foul; in half after the end of the players and coaches to immediately return to lounge, while the previous rule is that after the game, players and coaches to immediately return to lobby; rules allow a hand to interfere with his defensive player of the defensive players, but can not stop him advance

1979-80 season : the bottom line of the three-point line extended from 22 feet to 23 feet. Referee numbers from three down to two. If the offense attempted in 10 seconds, through their own half while the other players to destroy out of bounds, sideline to throw the ball square in the middle, before the time is not used deducted from the 24 seconds.

1980-81 season: Every half the team must be called a return to a short 20-second pause, the audience must be called back to two short pause, the same overtime; in suspension of that time, the whistle and the red light will also light on the backboard cases; does not allow players on the pitch head, face, nose, ears and arm wear accessories; players wear protective face, eyes and nose protector Lian Xing must be consistent, and can not be a prominent sharp objects; players present can not increase their physical advantage of using the apparatus; offense was sentenced to technical foul, offensive time will not be back 24 seconds, the previous provisions on the offensive or defensive side was sentenced to technical foul, the time was 24 seconds back; were verbally warned After the time is 24 seconds back; the additional provisions on the free throws: the ball did not break into the basket before the player must not to intercept the ball

1981-82 season: when you were playing for substitutions must be in front of the stage waiting for referees to indicate scorekeeper Approach ; when the number of team fouls at least, the back line is also considered a foul, the other two free throws

1982-83 season: the ball out of bounds, the team can not be assigned certain players to throw.

1983-84 season: when the free-throw action can not be fraud. Offensive players, while defensive players shot the ball foul, if the ball into, then the goal is valid and an additional penalty.

1984-85 season: In the five minutes extra time each team can be called to suspend a number from two to three times, and this number will not be affected before the match to situation. If the offensive side of the front of the offensive team foul, and offensive player of the obvious opportunity to cut into the basket and score, then the defensive side should be fined two free throws, during the second free throw after the ball from the free-throw side-fat edges . If the end of the game at halftime and the audience, the coach or the players are not directly back to lounge while staying at the venue, was fined the amount of 100 U.S. dollars to 500 U.S. dollars from the replacement players if there is, when the fighting took place between the players to leave him the team's bench, was fined the amount from 150 U.S. dollars to 500 dollars.

1988-89 season: Enforcement referees from two to three. Malicious foul will be fined two free throws spend as much, he incurs two violations of free throws in the post also has the right to ball. If the following conditions at least one set, then foul can be automatically ejected and was fined 250 U.S. dollars: Fouls people wrong ball; based on referee's scale, foul play will result in injury.

1993 playoffs: Any fists in the games in the battle moves players will now be immediately punished out of track, and at least a suspension, and impose an appropriate number of fines; any player, if punched in the game hit to the other player, will be immediately fined out of stadiums, the suspended 1-5 games, and impose an appropriate amount of a fine. The team and its players will be punished by a fine equal to the total amount of penalty. In the battle of any player leaving the bench area will be fined 500 U.S. dollars to increase the amount of 2,500 U.S. dollars, the team will be for each of these players leaving the bench fined 5,000 U.S. dollars.

1993-94 season: If a player more than a flagrant foul in a season five times, from the beginning of his sixth flagrant foul of its malicious foul every time a suspension imposed an additional penalty.

1994-95 season: The three-point line to the ring 22 feet distance from the unification. Any players on the offensive side to vote one-third of the ball foul, will be sentenced to three free throws. Any battle in players leaving the bench area will be automatically suspended for at least a fine ceiling increased to 20,000 U.S. dollars, in which the player was suspended for the screening, will not be paid with the match wages. Malicious foul in a game twice ejected in the bottom line to the area between the free-throw line, defensive side can only crank defensive, not offensive side each time asking for block shot technical foul will be fined 500 dollars. In the past, the first technical foul will be fined 100 U.S. dollars, the second is 150 U.S. dollars. If the defensive player of grasping the pull-in the fast-break player has a clear scoring opportunities, will be sentenced to two free throws, before this Ordinance, only the opportunity to have a low post offensive player in the entry into force. The second and subsequent floor when the ball is not called by the time the suspension was reduced to 45 seconds.

1996-97 season: If the team has no chance to pause and continue to call suspension would be sentenced to a technical foul and loss of the right to ball. 1997-98 season: three-point line back to 23 feet 9 inches at the corner of the region is still 22 feet when the offensive player to face the basket, the defensive players are not allowed to use his forearm to block their advance. If the players feet are in the air, and his body was outside the baseline or sideline, then the player does not call to suspend rights. To basket as the center and 4-foot radius of the semicircle within the region, aggressive defensive players have been identified the location of impact defensive player will not be convicted of supporting offensive and gave the driver a foul. The region in the past is a 2x6 foot rectangle.

1997-98 season: three-point line back to 23 feet 9 inches at the corner of the region is still 22 feet when the offensive player to face the basket, the defensive players are not allowed to use his forearm to block their advance. If the players feet are in the air, and his body was outside the baseline or sideline, then the player does not call the suspension of the rightLee. To basket as the center and 4-foot radius of the semicircle within the region, aggressive defensive players have been identified the location of impact defensive player will not be convicted of supporting offensive and gave the driver a foul. The region in the past is a 2x6 foot rectangle.
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National Basketball Association
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old chap who updates slower, supersonic beggar Thunder See more references!

President: David Stern (David Stern)

the current team:

Eastern Conference Atlantic Division: New York Knicks, New Jersey Nets, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76ers

Central Division: Detroit Pistons, Indiana Pacers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Chicago Bulls

Southeast Division: Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards, Atlanta Hawks Charlotte Bobcats

Northwest Division Western Conference: Minnesota Timberwolves, Denver Nuggets, Utah Jazz, Portland Trail Blazers, Oklahoma City Thunder Team

Pacific Division: Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers , Phoenix Suns, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers

Southwest Division: San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Hornets

1891, the Americans Zhanmusinai Dr. Smith of Springfield College in Massachusetts, in order to give students training to find a way of winter sports, in 1891 with two broken crates and created an alternative football basketball This has been in full swing, today's NBA. NBA [3] was established in June 6, 1946. Was established called the BAA, the National Basketball Association (Basketball Association of America), is a 11 ice hockey stadium and stadium owners in order to make the ice hockey stadium outside of the time, and will not idle while the co-sponsored established.

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NBA entertainment, the U.S. cultural propaganda to make money ah. Do not play the old Shamao by them. Only as a pastime in on it.



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