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How within three months from the little person who played basketball and became a place you can play

CARRERASPOR2010-03-27 09:11:02 +0000 #1
is not a special day, play basketball, that is, outside school hours. We are now High School time can be tight. accumulated a half-hour every day, trained high burn incense.

The key is how quickly excel at dribble \ ball \ shooting these movements ah

A good extra extra points!
382,414,7772010-03-27 09:24:06 +0000 #2
In accordance with you now situation. You say that is not real quick dribble, absolutely not realistic!

But the goals you want to want to shoot, absolutely simple, I am absolutely sure.

Then I am also a High School began to play, when to push me off on game garbage time, I had to played on the famous essay, it is an up jeers ah. Then I slowly dribble into the third line, people ignored me, and I threw a just-entered, and immediately audience thunderous ah, when the feeling was great! So, shooting into the absolutely possible, I leave when the person is a continuous practice shots, in the pitch, the ball is in your hands is in the affirmative, so you have to seize opportunities.

Saying these high school play is definitely not what CBA.NBA. We are all shooting blacksmith error 100, so once you have a positive fast break to the people quickly rushed to pass you sure that you have the opportunity under the basket, OK the ball into the . Or the shooting out of neutral gear you have to grasp, OK the ball into the. Therefore, it is necessary to practice shooting, when I was a heaven and earth by shooting Hunde, until now, my ball-handling is still poor, but I am definitely shooting school before 10, and reaches the point where, in fact, been cast, so you Absolutely.

Then is the attitude of the court to be positive, to be alert, with head play. Must be playing with my mind must not panic. Otherwise, you sure suffer. When necessary, lie two fouls, free throws. OK score.
ying17l2010-03-27 09:52:05 +0000 #3
Someone must teach himself not only did not speed, technical movements also may be wrong
Paradise_FS2010-03-27 09:52:47 +0000 #4
Friends. basketball these things would like to play good must have solid basic skills.

the first practice must be a dribble. I saw your question words. I can say is you do not lose the ball,

as much as possible to steal. more Paowei.

If you are not allowed to shoot can only assists.

multi-play nice assists and steals.

a positive attitude, I believe you can have place.



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