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fangzichuan2010-03-27 09:11:46 +0000 #1
last week, and students to play, (preceded by two weeks without playing) found himself slow response, and would like to seriously play games but I could not get the spirit. Less than a ball off the break, grab boards to grab your hands, no one has been super-Hold the ball, and a sudden pass from teammate will then not live, the most adept of the backhand layup basically smashed plates, and only in the cast, the two-thirds into a few, playing for half an hour the students complain that I did not seriously play. Two days out of play, in disguise, layups, steals are cis, but also into a few elegant in the cast, I could not get the spirit of today's play Shiyou, feeling a bit dizzy, basically Grand fugue.

Q. Why is my status under the good times and bad? Is there any way make me feel and the sense of stability in that?
KOBEMVP162010-03-27 09:25:59 +0000 #2
A few days will certainly be worse not to fight, and I also often appear in such a situation every day to fight what is different is the film for a while do not touch the ball stronger than effects. As you said, how to feel and sense of stability points, shooting those who must move to do standards, awareness is necessary to focus your attention and, most important thing is to have the desire and want to steal and want to grab a rebound, Want to take a good pass from teammate desire, with the desire to follow your body will step in to knee-jerk actions.

I hope you game more and more!
qq3632886812010-03-27 09:57:28 +0000 #3
day do not touch the ball, even one day without self-improvement
fmydhra2010-03-27 10:00:41 +0000 #4
wa I can not tell you to do

but I really like ah
wangcheng1392010-03-27 10:25:30 +0000 #5
want to lay the ball can only be practiced every day, you play a few of the Gesanchaiwu! How can feel good together! ! There is no warm-up also have this reason. No warm-up you ligaments do not pull, bounce than usual, almost certainly, it must backhand layup may be high enough! ! ! ! Ah hot warm-up before playing. ,,,,



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