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Bounce point guard training, help help

opolokfzc2010-03-27 12:10:35 +0000 #1
my Xinghai, 7th grade, in the classroom, playing point guard, teammates are very good, especially our small forward, bouncing, breaking, three points are good, but apart from him that we the lack of bounce. We also have a little greedy desire to just want to dunk, and now I am 168, weight 48KG, arm span 160, how to train in order to realize their wishes come true? ? ?
yu9504102010-03-27 12:24:55 +0000 #2
In fact, the training of guards is very simple

When the guard has two skills necessary to be very skilled

1, that is, the ball must touch on the ball better.

2, there is this basket, point guard should be will be one-third, shooting guard in the distance must be quasi!

With these two, and then play more games, more than the accumulation of experience ..

1st item: squat jump

1, at the beginning, squat to? position, with both hands placed on the former,

2, up jumped off the ground for at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. Touch the ground when complete a.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 2

The second: lift toes (toes)

1. First of all, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, and then only the toes on the top, heels should not touch the ground or Dianzhuo

2. Toe carried to the highest point of

3. Then gradually down to complete one. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 3

Third: Step

1. To find a chair to put one foot is entered, a 90-degree

2. Make every effort to jump open, change in the air, feet on the chair,

3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back into the chair, complete another jump.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 4

Fourth: Vertical Jump

1. Put your feet straight, and shoulder width, "lock" your knees ...

2. Just use your legs jump, only be able to bend your feet Guo, try to bend the knee ...

3. to the ground, when, and then quickly jump to complete a ...

This is a difficult, You can use your hand to help the rapid take-off ...

Spring Training Tutorial increase 5 5th item: toe dance

1. will be carried to the highest point of the toe,

2. with the toes quick take-off, jump shall not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm

Leapfrog practice is necessary, for the Bounce force increase is certainly helpful, because after all, is to train forces in a way.

The rest is your own determination on how the! Anyway! I wish you succeed in this!
srtike0122010-03-27 12:51:14 +0000 #3
The easiest way


Mogao at home every day for some time increasing the height of each point

you quickly jump up the



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