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Perfection-Star race history, the most beautiful of data

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All-Star Game Records: Jordan

All-Star history, scoring 262 points first to 1997, received All-Star Game history's first "three - double "- 14 points, 11 rebounds, 11 assists

All-Star the highest number of steals, 38 times

All-Star half-maximum blocks

All-Star four times into the single-game high 17 goals

1988 All-Star, Jordan blocks four times in the first half, creating half-cap All-Star record, the audience voted in 17 balls, and Chamberlain to share an all-star single-game high goals

Michael Jordan game-23 vote in that year, 17 received 40 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists, 4 steal, 4 blocks, to be mvp.

Single-game shots up to 27 times

03 in Jordan last All-Star, Jordan single-game shooting 27 times, and Rick Barry to share that record.

All-Star nine times the highest number of votes in King

1987 to 1993,1997 and 1998, Jordan became the all-star votes to nine, Wang (maybe Yao Ming to break this record)

In addition he also had a disgraceful record, to participate in a minimum Three-Point Shootout points 5 points.

All-Star shooting up to 233 times the total number of

All-Star cast in the highest number of 110 times.



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