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Basketball: a breakthrough in how to fake a more false? Can a professor breakthrough techniques?

banweid2010-03-27 17:11:07 +0000 #1

shuaimao19892010-03-27 17:15:52 +0000 #2
Akira shoulder. . . . . Either you are fast enough. Or see more video own experience, to find a suitable own.
Brothers Unlimited with2010-03-27 17:55:43 +0000 #3
breakthrough, the amount of good practice dribbling! A false start can try to figure out their own action, that is true as far as possible fake 作成. Understand? I feel, the first step must be fast, to throw off the other side, you want to do to do, layups, passing, after the jump ... feel mature, you can fake the offset center of gravity found in competitors, identify the other center of gravity, you is a master of.
17,179,7942010-03-27 18:09:17 +0000 #4
all false movements are built on the basis of a stable shooting, if you are outside the players must be accurate shot.

When you have a precise shot after the ball you are not transported outside, as long as a Taishou, your defense of people will certainly be deceived by you to lose focus, or you cheated borne in lean body, he would never dare to You left out the shot of the space, so that one day you just need to put him one step before.
SuN_SNiper2010-03-27 18:52:16 +0000 #5
Hehe ... Akira sudden left-right, right Akira suddenly left.

Make your move to change the focus of the defending players, so suddenly changed direction, even if he was able to catch up you god.

Breakthrough acceleration, speed increases if the instantaneous acceleration, the moment added to the fastest, put it plainly, is a sudden breakthrough in the first step. . . The first step, to be fast, to make strides! Overwhelm the lowest center of gravity, slightly bending over, side shoulder to shoulder contact with the defensive .. players make strides in its stuck in the behind with his arm (not dribbling of that) stopped behind him, not waving the elbow. Only a block. Akira

point is a fake change to, down center of gravity, instantaneous acceleration and lengthening the strides forward
autumn 199,1192010-03-27 19:05:52 +0000 #6
first of all to our own body have a good control, that people would lose their balance and you do not, other people can not freely control of the body center of gravity of the small-scale move, but you can. There is a dribble, dribble must be able to reach a certain foundation before we can make a good fake. With these two bases, in the fraud action is very convenient, and give you an example,

For example, I three-point line, he saw someone running from the inside out of the ball, I began to think he has the opportunity to prepare the ball to him, and then suddenly discovered that someone had told me a very good pass routes preparedness, I have also made a passing move and the ball still in my hands after the time the ball back to, this is an unparalleled fake.

There For example, you shoot, you get a space of opportunity to prepare for shooting, but also did not vote out when the blocks are already in place people, you close down the ball.

When you break through and found the left side of the defense is weak, you can make a breakthrough in the right position (this position closer to a breakthrough in your usual posture as well to the right), and then suddenly change to the left.

The feint to deceive the people, but also to the situation, and market integration together.

I have 11 years old to 9 years now Kombat ball, and I think that the break can be divided into two ways, first, speed type, but the rhythm. Generally speaking, together with, if you are fast enough, rhythm control was good enough, be sure it is a breakthrough in master.

If you're in the game to break, need to look at defender, if the defenders about the speed and your body Ye Hao, consciousness is not bad, it is still forget, pass bar. If there is a little better than you and congratulate you. If the speed difference you are very far from the other side, directly off the other side had to accelerate, this is no solution. If the difference is not very far, you can speed up after a sudden pause, and so he was prepared to slow down, you suddenly accelerated. There is your speed after starting, the other party will follow, to make a realistic fake, in that if say you fake not good enough, you will surely expose the ball to go. There is a break in my opinion, a very important point, it must break before the bullish position teammates have when you break the Paowei they may not break through was double-teamed, could not pass, there is a breakthrough and then realized his in the forest. Upstairs there is a saying that a few really good eh!



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