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Why are basketball and football are black

Man Dog Invincible ah2010-03-27 18:10:52 +0000 #1
Battle of Shanghai and Zhejiang referee

more than the 2008-2009 CBA, the home team to take over screening a red envelope, and take the initiative to go to the home team to a powerhouse red envelopes

obliterate CBA 81 \ Guangdong \ Xinjiang, and other teams

8 A coach of a team want to beat the object of the River

taken from

Chinese basketball have saved do
Smile_ Hsuan2010-03-27 18:15:53 +0000 #2
Now Sports are a commercial nature, in their eyes, sports are used to make money.

If you think so, you'll feel nothing of this fact. . .

This is also China's national conditions. . . Used to like.
Mu Dan Tong2010-03-27 18:32:13 +0000 #3
CBA battle, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Zhejiang's crazy fans

in Zhejiang, Shanghai team 17 points behind the team for a long time

a sudden pitch stands in a very high-pitched voice is extremely sharp (I do not know is male or female)

in a Shanghai Liu Wei tramp living by begging!!!

phrase to the word of God direct result of Liu Wei spoke under the classified status of the remaining big players are also affected

Liu Wei, the head of all field could not lift up

can see that if the home team to fall behind in the race fans can take advantage of visiting team of local slang greetings

and even reverse the tide can only be willing to serve as referee leaves the
xiaozijue2010-03-27 18:31:02 +0000 #4
Who says he can not really stand a fair and equitable scale, but as a fine staff, I think we should strive to make their own to justice, In addition, China is a love of the country, if received envelopes to all do a lot of senior leadership, let alone the lower people of China.



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