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How can a substantial increase in jumping ability.

Y Chang-Qing Makoto2010-03-27 18:11:05 +0000 #1
Do not copy the answers to those with their own experiences on the line of tall and 176】 【
qq3808283682010-03-27 18:16:16 +0000 #2
tell me yourself, at home in rural areas, because no other toys, in the primary school Tiaopi Jin and feet like a fighter

(foot fighters form the basic movement is a foot support, Dan Xi attacking each other, in order to hit the other side appeared to lose balance or fall outside the purpose for the win)

I think my jumping through the practice of those games up. By the time we started this play foot fighter, plus they like to run track and field often running to the first form can be the template, and to the first two days on the touch box, and can make arrests box of junior high. However, because only 170CM, so dunk has become a dream, but I still have time to practice because I was 17 years old, I intend to try AA4.

These are the some of my personal experience, the game can also be achieved through the purpose of the training!

If you are looking for professional training method is so to the Baidu search: Bounce Bar

where the United States AA4 jump training method, can insist Lianwan 15 weeks, it must be effective, and are bouncing gathering place for adults, we explore bounce insights and experience. Welcome you to join! ! !



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