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Rockets into the playoffs can do

s22j33332010-03-27 19:11:58 +0000 #1
at the beginning of this season, is also a good rocket, do not know how, and now, ah bad results, always hovering between 8-9 places, it is worrying, rockets can not enter quarters race, and there are always rumors recently McGrady thing, it is not because the morale of the troops now scattered, and even play are distracted, o ()^)) o Ah Yao Ming is not on the rocket is indeed a big problems ah, little star team, and were also only a few veterans, attack and defense of Shane Battier can also be the league's shortest center Hayes, the only prominent newcomer also Brook Silandeli them, and before there is Yao Mai combination of this bright spot, as well as Ron Artest (though he went the Lakers a) can, now, recall the days of Francis, and then take a look at the rocket is now almost no bright spots for people to see, and now live television, put the rocket less and less, and the rocket would really finished it? The possibility of entering the playoffs this season really so low do? Seems to have no choice but to go just ask for a. . .

Kerry Wood Bar2010-03-27 19:26:32 +0000 #2
Morey can be seen in the trading deadline would help the Rockets out all the stops to achieve a favorable deal, but the present to see Iguodala, Chris Bosh, Caron Butler is difficult to deal. With the current lineup and the Rockets can play into the playoffs only by luck. I hope you insist on watching the Rockets game, the more low the more support, this is the real die-hard fans.
FS Xiao-xin2010-03-27 19:28:31 +0000 #3
estimate will work .... last time I called 11. Bit

But I believe the rocket will be all right.
Deep passers-A2010-03-27 19:46:53 +0000 #4
I see the situation in general



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