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Demand last year's NBA All-Star Game player lists (including the injuries did not participate in), T

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Xuan Xiao-qing2010-03-27 22:19:42 +0000 #2

starting: Howard, Orlando Magic center forward Kevin Garnett Celtics

Dwyane Wade Miami Heat forward James Knight

guard Allen Iverson Pistons

Substitute: Chris Bosh (Toronto) Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) Lewis (Magic) Joe Johnson (Hawks) Nelson (Magic) Granger (foot persons) Harris (network)

Chris Bosh was injured Ray Allen (Celtics) Nelson was injured and replaced the small Mo (Knight) replaced


starter: Rockets center Yao Ming

striker Spurs forward Tim Duncan of small Si Sun

defender Paul Lakers guard Kobe Bryant Hornet

Substitute: O'Neill (Sun) Pau Gasol (Lakers) Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks) David West (Hornets) Roy (Trail Blazers) Chauncey Billups (Denver) Parker (Spurs)

(mobile play Zhenlei
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2009 Nian NBA Eastern and Western Conference All-Star ballot lineup announced

East All-Star starting lineup for the list:

Dwight - Howard

LeBron - Kevin James


Dwyane Garnett - Wade

Allen - Iverson

West All-Stars starting lineup for the list:

Kobe - Bryant


Tim - Duncan

Chris - Paul

Amare - Amare Stoudemire.

Western-Star team reserve lineup:

Suns center Shaquille O'Neal Los Angeles Lakers forward Pau Gasol

Hornets forward David West

Mavericks forward Dirk Nowitzki

Spurs defender Tony Parker

Nuggets guard Chauncey Billups

Trail Blazers guard Brandon Roy

Eastern-Star team reserve team:

Nets guard Devin Harris

Pacers forward Danny Granger

Magic 后卫贾米尔 Nelson

Raptors forward Chris Bosh

Magic forward Rashard Lewis

Celtics forward Paul Pierce

Hawks guard Joe Johnson

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