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What shame they have records of Jordan?

Jue He2010-03-28 05:11:21 +0000 #1

8 black and white wings 82010-03-28 05:19:14 +0000 #2
student years: As the height issue was excluded from the university a list of things

the players during the team: The Iverson Akira down

one-third contest in the history of the lowest points (this can be ignored)

boss period: in many surrounded by reporters who witnessed their team (Bobcats) is 0.2 seconds Juesha (David Lee)
ppopp88882010-03-28 05:48:18 +0000 #3
by Iverson go past
deep passers-A2010-03-28 06:07:26 +0000 #4
does not seem to
fabaxi2010-03-28 06:23:27 +0000 #5
15 years old, Jordan l m tall and long to 88, high school grade 10. Parents on a child's tutor is very harsh, so Jordan despite the fun, learning achievement can be, mathematics can achieve excellence. With the development of bone, Jordan revealed the growing movement of talent, and he really fell in love with basketball, but basketball technologies used to produce him leap is due to bear in mind he still has a stigma.

America's high school basketball team is divided into two levels, a representative of the school team playing the second team returned is Peilian. Michael thought that their own ability can enter one of the main playing varsity, so he and his friend Rory with their hands.

Bang-day, the two go hand in hand to the school gymnasium to see the charts, the results of his friends to the list, and he looked at a few times table from scratch to the rear is also not find his name. After school, Michael Ben home, Guanshangfangmen cry. His self-esteem has been severely hurt.

But stubborn, he literally went to coach, want to allow him to travel with the team training, coach told him: "You tall too short, the reaction is not fast, not the future of basketball." Michael disappointment.

School team to participate in regional competitions, the Michael again requested to travel with the team coaches watching. He begged hard, under the coach soft-hearted, and agreed to his request, but he must be a school team players to look after clothes.

In order to watch a soccer match, the small Jordan had admitted holding clothes. During this time, Jordan began to practice hard technology, he was practicing four hours a day. The first two hours practicing with the second team, after two hours with a team practice. After training, he returned to his overweight, a time he would have patted the ball to find a basketball, toil in practice. He was later taken to this habit has been NBA. Training hard for Jordan to lay a very solid and excellent basic skills. A year later, school team, a team of the door is no longer any reason to refuse him. When he grow up to 1.91 meters tall, basketball has become more self-improvement technique.

Jordan later recalled this experience, said: "This may be a good thing, suffered frustrated I secretly vowed, in the future you can no longer be subjected to such torture had." And she refused him a school coach and therefore prend nickname. He said: "Although I've rejected him into the team, but after all, I found him." When the old Michael Jordan looked at his wife two sons of the soil in their own backyard basketball court a shoving match ensued, you scramble, they two of the brotherhood did not immediately realize how deep. At the beginning of the time, Larry always scores on the more than Jordan, Jordan was very angry for this. Jordan started in the high school sophomore, the two basketball games in their own backyard, most of these games to beat the end of each. Michael has taken initial shape of his personality in a fundamental factor: like the competition. Whatever the competition, formal or informal, Jordan always look for ways to win, but to take on any challenge. Jordan that the competition is sacred, competition trained to never go beyond his self-belief. However, Jordan was playing only knew, but ignored how to start their own methods know nothing about professional basketball career. Many basketball star was first signed with the University basketball team, and then gradually increase reputation. Although there are news that Jordan is expected to develop into a professional player, but he read the three-year high school, had not entered the college basketball team was released the 300 most promising novice list.
Thirsty before drinking water2010-03-28 05:44:48 +0000 #6
miller123562010-03-28 08:12:29 +0000 #7
All-Star Three-Point Shootout lowest score three points, but he is a play ticket to go



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