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James, a fight do?

lz19955182010-03-28 05:11:45 +0000 #1
James played in the NBA planes do? Have video?
Oh, no one used2010-03-28 05:15:49 +0000 #2
no. The little emperor is very mature, very calm in the field, generally will not have any non-performance of calm is a good leader.
JackerWhat2010-03-28 05:46:45 +0000 #3
it seems to have never been in the arena of conflict -
zhao2528368312010-03-28 05:50:40 +0000 #4
No you can go Soso
﹌ _Emperor_Son2010-03-28 07:03:52 +0000 #5
Emperor great quality

have not seen a good quality of the NBA who never have so much quality

never fight

do not quarrel with others

Long live the emperor
Aegean 20102010-03-28 07:05:45 +0000 #6
James is not in the game and opponents fighting broke out of time,,
large pocket pro-small pocket2010-03-28 07:57:40 +0000 #7
who dares him to play? O'Neill Buckley then smashed the ball then what was O'Neal punched a black eye. I do not think people are so non-TIPS, to competing against the emperor and small.
Monster 07152010-03-28 07:38:00 +0000 #8



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