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Londo assists the data thanks to the strength of team-mate, right?

sanmenwei2010-03-28 09:11:39 +0000 #1
It is undeniable that many long ball technology, first-class pass is also a good grasp of timing, but the Green Army as a whole shooting high, especially Ray Allen such a shooter, the ball can be hit, these factors created a long assists more than Number
huchenallen2010-03-28 09:26:58 +0000 #2
This is long over with Paul, Nash gap!
Meimei Mei Xi Xixi2010-03-28 09:34:51 +0000 #3
Paul's teammates simply did not want to say is really a great burden for him
there is a hole in the shell2010-03-28 10:23:39 +0000 #4
it is in the affirmative, what is the assists? " Those who pass the ball without the ball, those with no balls who received the ball, the ball thrown, which assists persons be considered ball ah
pig_p2010-03-28 09:48:59 +0000 #5
so difficult that Nash is not always a big Q, Qiaoyuehansen, small Adams, Shawn Marion, Richardson, Raja Bell do such a madman, there is a good teammate does not necessarily have a lot of assists, on the contrary they think if there is no Nash how large Q is the best example. Even if quasi-have a good pass.

Londo is very comprehensive, in some respects superior to the other outstanding point guard, now in the Green Army made him a very good environment for continuous improvement, and his progress is obvious to all, and believe that even if such a team since the Celtics do not, Londo will also be a very good point guard.



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