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Few bright spots in this year's Spring Festival Evening, did not expect this year's NBA dunk contest

latinyuan2010-03-28 11:11:23 +0000 #1
what we can look forward to tomorrow's NBA All-Star?
Yao lovekb242010-03-28 11:24:29 +0000 #2
Enen. I am also very disappointed.

Spring Festival Evening is really worse year after year.

Today's All-Star has nothing to Aspect. So many stars have retired.

Slam Dunk Contest is indeed disappointing, not the past wonderful ah.

We look forward to look at small-morrow. Although the absence of a lot of big, but the All-Star game is still wonderful.

Western Force Bryant fewer, but still want to win. The gap between East and West is not, tomorrow there are 03 candidate and third overall in the showdown it, James VS Carmelo Anthony. .

However, so I am disappointed: Kobe Bryant, Paul to retire because of injury, there is no Yao Ming, no Aopan, no AI, is really very disappointing.

Finally I can see time All-Star, the results are so excited ah not let me. .

Lou Zhu is also a bar "?

Look at open spot. Are all like this. Commercial flavor will become increasingly heavy.
Salt Q2010-03-28 11:27:11 +0000 #3
is the only way is a sad loss, I look forward to that high-ah
tail_whip2010-03-28 11:33:48 +0000 #4
Oh, I also feel, and this year's quite boring! However, to celebrate the Chinese men's soccer team won the championship!
6164269772010-03-28 13:07:21 +0000 #5
zhen silent ah, no Aspect ah
973.74581 million2010-03-28 13:38:50 +0000 #6
I am also very disappointed.

Spring Festival Evening is really worse year after year.
Babble Zen Zen2010-03-28 12:50:01 +0000 #7
really want to see James to participate in the dunk contest
long been waiting for this day2010-03-28 12:37:24 +0000 #8
see Otari had! Who agree
wusb7272010-03-28 12:19:23 +0000 #9
do not ask questions do not mind if I rub two sub-bar

dunk very disappointing that it has not

All-Star Shaquille O'Neal John Howard is not enough or not to read funny

you go to get hold of a dozen two-year Bar

heard of a good grade, or go to the next men's soccer

want to have a new breakthrough in
gongguandai2010-03-28 12:41:46 +0000 #10
Well looking forward to the morning of the All-Star Bar



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