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bamboo lonely people2010-03-28 12:10:09 +0000 #1
do not know if so why, I just wear basketball shoes with air cushion, such as ZK3, 4, I feel fat Gone with the Wind, dribbling feeling uncoordinated, unless the body is low pressure, but it did start to slow . Anyway, wearing air-cushioned shoes, you feel as if I dribble hard to be, feeling short-hand, but for Inflatable children's shoes, such as Skateboard, I totally did not feel very coordinated dribble. Would not have to bend over so - and seeking expert answer, it may also have problems with my weight, 182.130 kg ----
Curcuma Aira memories2010-03-28 12:25:17 +0000 #2
your question is probably too light a weight bar, Air is its damping would have a buffer role, and only the body weight up to a certain extent makes sense, to be honest, with your weight actually wearing air-cushioned shoes are not much use. Therefore, the general package of recommendations or wear strong shoes like a.
Quququ5302010-03-28 12:49:15 +0000 #3
may sneakers relatively high. You are not accustomed to

Air is a slow earthquakes!

Either the psychological problems. Have not heard what is going on it

next time try to buy a pair of pad do not know You do not look at - Hehe
zhaixiao97712010-03-28 13:14:44 +0000 #4

2 may be the psychological effects you can try it with Air Max or the Air Sole Air basketball shoes . (Which are for two kinds of air-cushion tall, physical player heavier designs)
MC 囧 CJ2010-03-28 12:39:54 +0000 #5
as high as you and me, not my weight. . .

Do not wear a full charge of air-cushion, wearing half-charge of the. . . Or on the wear Skateboard hit. You buy a center or power forward wearing basketball shoes, for example, or Li Ning, Anta, and Anta Scola, if high-handed and two-generation family are good, high-handedness itself is a series of inside shoes, first wear is none, with Anta's unique "core technology" cushioning for the basketball fans in general is absolutely sufficient. If you want a little professional, Scola series would not have said, look at his season less than full record will know, the iron man's shoes will be worse Mody?

Say Li Ning is the O'Neill, and sharks are holding up the weight on, I believe Lou Zhu enough.

adidas Ray camp is designed specifically for the post player shoes, as well as adidas Commander (such as adidas Commander TS) series, the Warcraft Howard Queen's boots, these are very good, protective grip, etc. are all first-class, but the shortcomings is the price is too high, 1200RMB or so, there is a date is 1280RMB, too expensive



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