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Will the people I believe this should be a senior playing basketball what position? How can we play

Always ° online2010-03-28 12:12:05 +0000 #1
I am now 18-year-old high three sports schools in Shijiazhuang good bounce height of 1 meter 75, three-point basket of great hit rate, once one-third of school competitions Juesha twice! ! In the cast is also very accurate, particularly in pick and rolls and directly pull-jumper, very accurate, pass well, coach said I was a very wide field of vision, passing is very accurate, but I dribble very general, can not play point guard, bouncing all stayed in the air very good! Can be empty then, you can change hands layup, steal poor, but the close defense good, capping a very good, often against the other main scorer, very fond of ball attack, half-warfare comes to the best, because no long-distance dribbling , Pao Wei is also very good, then the opportunity was empty, I ask: how can I play a full match in the time to play my best feature? I am more suited to what position?
xingchi11112010-03-28 12:23:45 +0000 #2
small front!

From you said you can see that desire to score a strong scoring ability is also very good, while the small front is right on the main scorer. . He often must actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way to improve singles opponent to actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way of singles opponent to improve morale, and even to the opponents Xiama Wei, giving the enemy head-on blow, etc., but the small front must have long-range shooting ability to score from two-thirds Juesha you say you can prove that this function competently. .

In addition, individuals that power forward definitely not suitable for you, first of all you Chi Diankui height, and large the most important responsibilities of the former or in the restricted zone edge, able to catch the rebound can be defensive. . One able to catch the rebound can be defensive, but offensive capabilities of poor players, we will call him is a good power forward, and you scoring ability, and not concentrating on scoring on the waste, and you body Gaobu Gao, in the restricted area will suffer, a very able to score but in rebounding, defensive players on the dereliction of duty, can not be regarded as a power forward.

So, I suggest you play the small front!
Asahi ┽ Long2010-03-28 12:48:05 +0000 #3
shooting guard
yuliu12172010-03-28 13:06:45 +0000 #4
Feng-bit oscillates bar!

You should not point, it should be grasping the ball jump shot!



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