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How physical defense of people better than they are

Li-ming nan2010-03-28 13:10:36 +0000 #1
my height weight, 130 pounds with 183 defensive rebounds a positive habit of passing the time

just hit is now dare to break into the sports school was tall players mind to cast a shadow of oppression can not break through the ball a sense of good times and bad how can I do

Thank you brothers and sisters of the help me analyze
water, elegant2010-03-28 13:22:33 +0000 #2
think you should play more with the people to start when I definitely would be suppressed, but after Exercise and summary will be accumulated certain experience, and slowly will have its own unique offense, which is often difficult to defense. So now still have to boldly attack, power of nature into. Refueling ah!
Li Wei Hong2010-03-28 13:48:27 +0000 #3
1, and setting screens for teammates;

2, to defend your people tune out, opened the play;

3, in the more than outside and thought to enhance hit rate, and then repeatedly hit in the outside can increase the confidence of you can defend you against the person;

4, strengthening exercise, muscle strength is the most fundamental;

5, Do not too much difference between those who fight.

Hope that can help your little one
do brug than2010-03-28 14:22:31 +0000 #4
In fact heads high, not necessarily strong capping ability! When you are more after the break times will be covered is very small. Main is a multi-practice, even if the pay cap is also insignificant. You can exercise quality control of your ability, that is, strengthening the waist power! After the sudden go have a good quality control on the air or dodge, which would not always be cap
and_Fan2010-03-28 14:37:17 +0000 #5
your body do.
, But a relatively low weight, oh. I have 130 of 175.

You are talking about defense words.

If it is physical stronger than you say.

can be used chewing gum and tactics.

is nothing but fear of the person you are defending just a bad temper.

tightly stick. I am in school physical tick (that is, how far kind of)
, but is relying on to fight. spend more physical defense.

why there are people that I played well.

or you can use with teammate defense. If the defender relatively threatening words.

you are a sports school The. your own physical fitness not bad.

to be more exercise. believe that your fitness will be better.

By that time what others consider how to defend you. refueling Ha!
ye520love2010-03-28 15:03:24 +0000 #6
also have defensive skills, based on the opponent circumstances of the case, if the opponent can break up your about 1 meter away from him a distance of about prevention, so you can better judge his breakthrough route, an early stand a good bit, if the opponent close to a good shot on him, and he cast times as much as possible interference, can build the best, can not afford to let him build a comfortable shot, if the opponent is comprehensive, it closely aligns the anti-bar, do not let him ease it wants to. Despite the attack, when suddenly, do not fear being covered, if they feel their physical fitness may be worse than the others and thought they shot the way, such as thrown back, dumped or something, because I am tall and relatively short, it is generally used after the usual break dumped
793,584,3632010-03-28 14:31:05 +0000 #7
183 words should be a point guard or attack you? Exercise bar you look at how NBA players are a breakthrough in a smaller individual ability is important if you encounter center, then only the big man as you say you like PASS sure someone standing outside the three-point line Tupofenqiu! ! Trained in their own body is not a disadvantage against the strong point! Artest, like the Lakers, like! Speed is also very important you look at CBA teams in Xinjiang Allen being short 180 Chutou fast personal capacity, particularly break three points is a very strong quasi-you can watch more games in Xinjiang learn to learn! Refueling Oh!



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