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Nba on those who doubt that abusive behavior on the site -

yujiana8892010-03-28 13:11:13 +0000 #1
If there are frequent attention to the words of nba news on the website .. will definitely see a lot of people abused the scene .. "so and so is spam .. support certain players," is in anyway curse of a star at the same time supporting their own idol .. write down the name of ... my question is .. since the curse of the .. also take into account their idol is simply Zhao Ma .. ah .. so there is no support for Shade Idol of people .. So Can Bar .. these people that is not still support it star. pure in order to cause trouble .. people criticize the latter. an attempt to spiritual pleasure?
centered on _7212010-03-28 13:19:29 +0000 #2

Hehe, then sub-one is deliberately stirring up trouble you say people should be counted, but a small number of peaceful scolded bar. . . Piggyback an even scolded them will also hurt his family is the kind of ballpark

most of the year, as much as a basketball player like Andy Lau, Tony Leung is not a true idol to watching the basketball game to be a star in the eyes of these people show the Big Dipper field data comparing the performance of the way data used to disparage others, plans to himself amused

I do not have special body center on these people, if someone is willing to attack each other with them completely ignore
_4 this person has died 4_2010-03-28 13:59:13 +0000 #3
恩恩 -



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