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NBA eunuch? Blacksmith?

zt410903454zt2010-03-28 17:11:23 +0000 #1
Recently, it seems that some people are talking about what the NBA certain blacksmith

there is a very funny to see the name of Ke Yimai riding gorilla playing the eunuch

I want to ask what is meant by it under the blacksmith

eunuch what does that mean? that people are still ... ...
woshigekai2010-03-28 17:26:53 +0000 #2
eunuchs known as the soft wind players such as Tracy McGrady to play the ball (a lot of people say does not represent my personal view) Carter (a critical moment will disappear) retired Chris Webber (playoff loss) Ewing (four nineties style soft center, but the ball missed with the overall winner) PS soft-ball style is not a star does not represent the great

strike while the iron is low shooting regular shots do not because the shot is not in the basket will be issued when the voices bang like the sound when the same blacksmith blacksmith used to describe why the players shooting low rate such as the rocket's Trevor Ariza 37.8% (the core of this season when the offense look horrible, but shooting in the nba countdown -- -) Lakers Artest (her other two-thirds vote of both blacksmith majority) the Lakers in a Mo (often voted one of the Morrison N) Jennings 38.3% Harris 37.8 Magic Nets Wen Si Kate 38.5

PS terror strike while the iron is really a player score more, but the low rate would be dragged to his death hit the team
Palace of small envy2010-03-28 17:33:38 +0000 #3
old cast has been smashed box does not issue a blacksmith sound
xh040716042010-03-28 18:14:18 +0000 #4
strike while the iron is very low field goal percentage mean
bloody Doris Huang2010-03-28 17:58:45 +0000 #5
blacksmith was shot did not hit the ball into the basket is called a blacksmith

Eunuch heard of
449,718,0322010-03-28 19:00:26 +0000 #6
is the shot hit the rim did not score a blacksmith Wang Ariza Well
Tracy · Yu2010-03-28 17:33:23 +0000 #7
blacksmith is a hit the low rate



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