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Agent broker.

Air ball: throw the ball hit nothing, the three non-stick.

All-Defensive Team: the best defensive team.

Alley-oop: aerial relay. A player threw the ball the air, and the other players catch the ball in the air, buckle the ball into the basket.

All-NBA Team: NBA best team.

All-Rookie Team: Rookie Team.

All-Star: All-Star.

APG: assists per game.

Arena: Competition field; arena. Such as Seattle's home, called Key Arena.

Arc: three-point line.

Assist: assists (abbreviation: Ast.).

Attempts: shot number of times.

Atlantic Division: Atlantic Division.


Babyhook: a small hook.

Backboard: rebounds. Note that not basketboard.

Backcourt: backcourt. A team this side of the half for the backcourt, the defensive team to be half of that.

Backdoor paly: Basketball, one of the basic tactics. When a player receives the ball around the penalty arc, another to mobilize immediately from the weak-side cut into the basket, then team-mate's pass shots.

Back pass: behind the ball.

Baseline: The bottom line. Pitch both ends of the boundary line.

Basket: basket. Also make the ring, there is a popular argument is hoop.

Bench: substitutes.

Block shot: blocks (abbreviation: Blk.).

Blocking Foul: blocking foul.

Boo: boo (n); booed and (v). A way to vent their dissatisfaction with the fans.

Bounce pass: attack to pass.

Box out: rebounding blocked, that is rebounding opponent and the basket stood in between the defender's body blocking the action.

Box score: technical statistics.

Bounce pass: floor bounce pass.

BPG: blocked shots per game.

Brick: hit the ball in the basket or backboard been collapsing out. Many Bulls fans in the visiting team when they Shouzhi a free throw to write "Brick" brands in the kicker's eyes kept shaking, upset his line of sight, in order to achieve the purpose of *** interference penalty.

Bury a shot: shots.

Buzzer beater: end of the game before the final vote. buzzer buzzer used in the Competition.


Captian: captain. Captain is the only field with the referees qualified to discuss the rules and fine people. Career-high: a career record.

Carry the ball: wrist turn offenders.

Center: center.

Cental Division: Central Division.

Charge: collision.

Chief Official: referee.

Close calls: the score close race.

Clutch shot: to win goals.

Clutch time: life and death moment, casting Having scored a decisive moment may decide the outcome.

Coach: Coach. Such as Head coach is a coach, Assistant coach was an assistant coach.

Coast-to-coast: from the pitch at one end to the other side (n). For example: coast-to-coast pass.

Collactive Bargaining Agreement: Labor Agreement.

Conference: Alliance. NBA points east and west two League (Eastern Conference and Western Conference), each union has its own logo.

Commissioner: CEO. NBA's current president is David Stern.

Court: court; venue.

Home court home.

Crossover: crossover dribble extraordinary. Tim Hardaway is a trademark of movement.

Crunch time: the key to time (usually the last two minutes).

Cut: Cut.


Debut: for the first time to play.

DEF: Defensive rebounds (after offensive rebounds).

Dead ball: a dead ball.

Defense: defense. When the visiting team offense, we can often hear the home fans in the stadium under the leadership of soundman shouted "Defense! Defense!".

Deny the ball: around before the defense.

Disqualification: sent off (abbreviations: DQ.).

Division: Division. A total of four NBA Division, each coalition's two Division.

DNP: did not play.

Double-double: two pairs, that is, two double-digit technology statistical indicators.

Double-team: double pincer attack.

Double dribble: double dribble.

Double foul: two fouls.

Doubleteam: double-team.

Down the strech: a critical moment.

Downtown: outside the three-point line.

DQ: fouled out.

(Disqualification) Draft: draft, that is, the annual NBA satisfied that the new Assembly.

Draft pick: selected rookie.

Dribble: Dribble (vt, n).

Drive: a breakthrough.

Driving layup: drive the ball.

Duo: the original meaning is a duet, secondary school means a duo in basketball.


Eastern Conference: Eastern Conference.

Eject: expelled from the sidelines.

Expansion: Expansion team.


Fadeaway shot: Fadeaway. Has made a fadeaway jumper.

Fake: Feint (n); fraud action (v).

Fall in: thrown.

Fast break: quick attack; fast break.

FG%: equivalent to field goal percentage, field goal percentage.

3PG%: three-point shooting.

Finals: Finals.

Semifinals semi-finals.

Field goal: shooting (general), including the two-point shot the ball also includes one-third of the ball shooting (abbreviation: FG.).

Finger roll: underhand layup finger dial when the ball moves.

Flagrant foul: there is no necessary or Dongzuoguotai foul, malicious foul.

Foul: Foul. Personal foul is a personal foul; team foul is called the accumulated team foul. Foul trouble: a player fouls due to the constraints brought about by the trouble, for example, the team's fouls have been close to six times, repeat once or twice a regulation will be sent off. Franchise: Team.

Free agent: free man. The contract expired and new players are free people, free people bound by fate from the team.

Free throw: free-throw line (abbreviation: FT.).

Frontcourt: front. Opponent's half for the former field, that is, members of this side of that half-court attack.

FT%: free-throw shooting.

FTM-FTA: the number of penalty / penalty times.


G: appearances.

General manager: Managing Director.

Give-and-go: one of the basic tactics with the offensive players pass the ball to another teammate - give, and then to cut into the basket, draw a line back to pass layup teammates (or dunk) scores - go.

Goaltending: *** scrambling to score.

GS: games starting, the first issue of field frequency.

Gunner: regular shooting of the pitcher.


Hall of Frame: Basketball Hall of Fame.

Hall of Framer: Hall of Fame member.

Half: half-court.

Hand-checking: a: a defensive techniques, namely the hand contact with each other's body to track the location of competitors. Has made a hand-check.

B: a defensive foul. Defensive Player of the hand to block offensive players to walk. Defensive players can not open his arms to block the movement of illegal hand-checking technology, allowing only hand contact with each other's body to track the opponent's position, but the hand does not allow afterburner, do not allow obstacles opponent's line of sight. Hang time: stayed in the air time, that athletes stay in the air when shooting time.

Head coach: coach.

Held ball: ball.

High post: high around the penalty arc.

Home game: home.

Hook shot: hook shot, sometimes the direct use of "hook" that.

Hoop: ring.


Illegal defense: the illegal defense. Defense defense shall be illegal defense (starting from this season to allow defense of).

Incidental contact: unintentional contact.

Isolation: isolation play (that is, four defensive players aside and let the rest of the offensive player in the strong side of a dozen one.)

Injury list: the injured list. If a player can not participate in the competition were injured, according to NBA's mandatory to include the injured list (the injured list is open), to show to the fans in charge, enter this

the list of those who can not play for at least five games.


Jam: dunk. one-handed jam with one hand dunk; two-handed jam dunk with both hands. Well-known singer Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan in cooperation filmed an MTV, is called "Jam".

Jersey: athlete's vest, but also made uniform. Some have made great contributions to the team of athletes retired when his jersey retired with him to follow his team home jersey was hung high in the ceiling, which means that after the other athletes can no longer use this piece jersey on

of the number.

Jump ball: jump ball; scrum.

Jump shot: jump shot. Has made a jumper.


Kicking ball: foot play.


Lane: penalty area, but also to make free throw lane. Basketball has just invented the time Hou penalty zone is thin, and its width of arc in diameter than the free-throw even shorter, the shape as the key, so it is called the key.

Layup: Danshoushanglan.

Ligament: ligament. Cruciate ligament, cruciate ligament, the knee ligament, is the athlete most likely to hurt the site, sub-anterior cruciate ligament and posterior cruciate ligament.

Live ball: live ball.

Locker room: locker room.

Lottery: determine the draft order process. Previously decided by a coin toss, so called because of its uncertainty "lottery".

Lockout: suspended due to labor disputes.

Loose ball foul: scramble for the ball foul.

Losing streak: the record straight.

Low post: low, three seconds area, basket on both sides, close to the bottom line of that section, commonly known as inside, the basket.


Marquee player: franchise player.

Matchup: offensive and defensive positions on the various correspondence between (n).

Meniscus: meniscus. In a knee cartilage, but also one of the places athletes get injured, we often hear a player because of a torn meniscus while on the injured list, a few months can not play.

Mid West Division: Midwest Division.

MIN: playing time (minutes).

Mismacth: misplaced defense.

Move: Mobile. The word occur in the NBA where the frequency is particularly high, for example, we say that a beautiful mobile "Great move!"; After the turn of the get rid of what we call "Spin move".

MVP: Most Valuable Player, the most valuable athlete.

N: Net: New Jersey. Check whether the ball into the basket of the signs, the former Utah's David Benoit at the dunk, the ball hit the top of his head from the basket in the pop-up, and the whole process of ball did not touch the Nets, the results of goal was not valid.

No.1 pick: draft pick.

No-charge area: offensive rational area. According to the new rules last year, the basket of the two paintings to be a circle centered at the center of the basket, to 4-foot radius of the semicircle (dashed line), this area is called the attack aLi District, justified in the attacking zone, only the ball and gave the driver did not stop the foul (Note: O'Neal other than an amendment).

No-look pass: diversionary pass.


Offense: offensive. Adjective form is offensive (abbreviation: off.), Can be modified other nouns, such as the offensive rebound of the former market rebounds (offensive rebounds).

Offical: referee.

Outlet pass: to grab a basketball board after the first pass, usually a long pass across field.

Outscore: scored more than opponents.

Overtime: extra time, time to 5 minutes.


Pacific Division: Pacific Division.

Paint: the paint.

Palming: We often say the second dribble, walking, dribble motion offense, but also for Carrying the ball.

Pass: pass. Penetration: infiltration.

Period: Festival.

Personal foul: personal foul.

Pick-and-roll: screens for tactics. Basketball is one of the basic offensive tactics, attacking team-mate to the ball cover in English is called "set a pick", and then cover players move to the basket is called "roll", and then

then team-mate's pass in the absence of defense the case of shooting. Pick and Roll is to Malone and Stockton's housekeeping skills. In order to pick based on the tactics are derived from pick-and-fade, pick-and-split and so on.

Pick: cover.

Pivot: a: to a foot for the center pin to change the direction of rotation body movements (n).

B: basket, usually controlled by the center area.

Play 1-5: namely, to play point guard, attack guard, small forward, power forward and center positions.

Play mind games: Psychological warfare.

Playoff: semi-finals; playoffs, that is, after the end of the regular season the top eight of the League knockout.

Point guard: guard, has made a point guard.

Position: Location. NBA Athletes are divided into three positions - forward, center, guard.

Power forward: power forward, center of China's often referred to as 2.

PPG: points per game, average per game.

Preseason games: preseason.

Press: bear * (defense).

Full-court press, audience tight *;

half-court press, half-tight *.

Pros: professional circle.

PTS: get points.

Punching foul: a foul ball hit.


Quadruple-double: four pairs. Technical statistical indicators that more than four double-digit.

Quarter: Section. An NBA game divided into four sections, each 12 minutes. Previous two sections, said first-half, said after the two second-half.

Rebound: rebounds (abbreviation: Reb.).


Rebound: rebounds.

Refree: referee.

Regular season: the regular season.

Rejection: cap.

Reverse: reflexive (a). For example after the Cut from the bottom line is anti-body dunk reverse dunk.

Rim: rim.

Ring: championship rings.

Road game: away.

Rookie: new, that is, the first year of play in the NBA athletes.

Run: continuous score. Race on the screen will often play a team 12-0 run in last 4 minutes, the team that is just within the last 4 minutes even got 12 points, punched a 12 to 0 in a small climax.

Roundup: Overview.

RPG: The average rebounds per game.

Runner-up: second place.

Running game: high speed attack.


Salary Cap: salary cap.

Score: score.

Scorer scorer.

Scout: scout.

Screen: cover, with the pick.

Scrimmage: training and competition.

Season: season.

Second chance points: second-chance points.

Series: Round.

Shot: shot.

Shot clock: 24 Timer.

Sideline: sideline.

Sink a shot: shots.

Sixth man: sixth, that the first players off the bench.

Sky-hook: big hook.

Slam dunk: dunks, specifically the high jump ball with both hands resorted to feeding the strength of the dunks, but also can be a one-handed dunks, where slam bang bang said, emphasizing the sound when you dunk. Has made a Dunk.

Sleeper: Sleeper (draft, was ignored, but after qualifying through the performance of outstanding rookie).

Small forward: small forward.

SPG: steals per game, steals per game.

Squad: Five group, basketball team, an informal claim.

Starting-lineup: the opening lineup.

Steal: steal; steals the ball (abbreviation: Stl.).

Strong & conditioning: physical training.

Strong side: strong side. On one side of the ball stronger side.

Substitutes: substitutes.

Suspend: suspend the players to play in the competition; suspended.

Sweep: sweeping the opponent (in a round of the playoffs in the victory).

Tch: for (anti).


Team: pincer attack. (Note: not necessarily a double pincer, it can be more than attack from both sides)

Team up: the players involved in the activities of community mutual assistance.

Team foul: a collective foul.

Teamwork: team co-operation.

Technical foul: technical foul.

Three-point shot: three-point shot.

Three-pointer: pointers.

Three-point play: beat two-thirds (2 points and hit a penalty of a points).

Three-second violation: 3 seconds offenses.

Tie: draw; a tie.

Timeout: suspended. NBA in the 20-second timeout (20-second timeout) and 100-second timeout (regular timeout).

Timer: timer.

Tip-in: tipped in.

Tipoff: kick-off.

Tomahawk: Tomahawk dunk.

Trade: the exchange of players.

Trailer: fast break in the delayed player.

Transition: the process of changing from the defensive from the attack.

Trash talk: ground swearing.

Traveling: walking offense, but also for Walking.

Trip: tripping.

Triple-double: a triple-double, that is, three super-double-digit technology statistical indicators.

Tripleteam: three double-teamed.

Turnover: mistakes, (abbreviation: To.). NBA specifically there is a statistics called assist / turnover, is the team in assists, he more than a few mistakes, the statistics can be an accurate reflection of a point guard of the job.


Uniform: uniform. Basketball players is of course uniform vest and shorts, uniform and sometimes specific to vest.

Unsportsmanship: non-sportsmanlike behavior.

Uptempo game: high speed attack.


Veteran: old athlete, usually refers to a full year NBA veteran player. NBA attaches great importance to veteran, the veteran of the team see themselves as an asset, veteran word appears in the NBA is a very high probability.


Waive: give up, terminate the contract.

War room: War Room (the team's meeting room).

Weak side: the weak side. Without the ball on one side of the weak side.

Western Conference: Western Union.

Wide open: open (n), no defense. In most cases the purpose is to give tactical teammates with the manufacture of wide open, in order to calm shot.

Windmill: windmill dunk.

Winning streak: streak in history.


Zone: defense; zone defense. Has made a Zone defense.
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