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Iverson may be able to activate the arrival of Elton Brand, I hope so Bar

Favorites Fujiwara Ya2010-01-17 08:01:39 +0000 #1
If they are bound to set off a whirlwind of Philadelphia, but even if this cyclone will not be long, Iverson had 36 years of age
Amen2010-01-17 08:08:11 +0000 #2
! ! !

In fact, age is not a problem, you look at Michael Jordan is the second three consecutive years until the beginning of 36! ! !

Do not underestimate the heart of a winner! ! !

AI actually does not like the ring is a great player! ! !
Rangers Life2010-01-17 08:33:12 +0000 #3
Philadelphia is a dream of the beginning of the AI, where he has a halo of many, no matter who is the reason, but the left is left, after the departure not become better, faster now as no one wants a superstar to see Francis back to Houston Allen Iverson may be the result of the posterior, but that we did not want to see!

Conference, Iverson cried, and he was not acting to send, it contains too many tears, who can say There is not a bit resigned to it? NBA is a very real place, they took only the data and the value of your talk, take a look at Iverson's salary, maybe from where you can see the results after him! Can do now only hope that he will play his second spring!



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