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Who knows tomorrow 2010NBA All-Star starter list and reserve list?

Kurosaki Ichigo F2010-03-29 02:10:52 +0000 #1

7345】2010-03-29 02:17:45 +0000 #2


Ammar - Stoudemire (Sun)

- he played pretty good! Now the sun is just legend would like to send him, hey -

Tim - Tim Duncan (Spurs)

- dragging a leg, led the team spends little time off and more, played a good data -

- Carmelo Anthony (Denver)

- what to say it? A worthy starting forward -

Kobe - Bryant (Lakers)

- There is no reason that he does not appear in the starting lineup, but now he really tired -

Steve - Nash (Sun)

-- In fact, the majority of the fans if the global sense, it does not appear "almost on the replacement" of -


Chris - Paul (Hornets)

- which could start this, and his boss in serious extravagance CP3 talent -

Deron - Williams (Jazz)

- Welcome to the All-Star! You have to wait too long -

Paul - Gasol (Lakers)

- the team record to help him, in fact I would like to see Chris Kaman -

Kevin - Durant (Thunder)

-- - their own and the team progress for all to see, the All-Star is the more into the young man's face had -

Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki (Mavericks)

- the host, did not start very much regret that and hope the other players can help him Zach won the MVP-

- Randolph, (Grizzlies)

- worked hard for many years, the data is also very beautiful, and finally thoroughly transform the -

Brandon - Roy (Blazers)

- he was almost single-handedly propped up the whole team, there is no selection is simply a joke -



Dwight - Howard (Orlando Magic)

- animal that level center, come in Do not vote for the election Ge Tate? ! -

Kevin - Garnett (Boston Celtics)

- a little bit worried about this injury in the body of the powerful striker will play in the All-Star in labor does not contribute to -

LeBron - LeBron James (Cleveland )

- is now the spokesman for the League, sat playing can also be three pairs of guys there is no slightest possibility of losing -

Dwyane - Wade (Heat)

- talented people will opt-in -

Allen - Allen Iverson (76)

- This year, just this year, he was elected on her own and the accumulation of more than a decade of strong popular -


Chris - Chris Bosh (Toronto)

-- to stay in Toronto really frozen into a "frost dragon," the -

Derek - Rose (Bulls)

- the new face of the second grade, his jersey sales can be discharged into the TOP 10 are sufficient to explain the reasons he was elected -

Gerald - Wallace (Bobcats)

- relying on death-defying work hard rounded out the new face of the All-Star, welcome! -

Joe - Johnson (Hawks)

- step by step into the routine of the All-Star -

Al - Huo Fude (eagle)

- he is the backup center? So I did not even know why the election came around -

Paul - Pierce (Boston Celtics)

- has maintained efficient veteran, selected well-deserved -

la Jane - Londo (Celtic)

-- - aging and newcomers, and the championship team's future -

Williams, Londo, Rose, Durant, Zach Randolph, Wallace, and Huo Fude for the first time All-Star, O'Neal is a pity that this super clown did not selected, less a lot of, well, talent in every generation a bar -
o0 Tony 0o2010-03-29 02:44:31 +0000 #3
Quguan network look very authoritative -



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