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HORSE All-Star game is what? Have video?

ajohnares2010-03-29 02:12:08 +0000 #1

TV on yesterday's game did not see that it is in the dunk contest after the ratio of do

there is no video
lzwme1232010-03-29 02:17:40 +0000 #2
HORSE tournament's biggest Aspect shooting that he shot was not an ordinary game, his main the test is the player's creativity and imitation of strength.

In accordance with rules of the game, a player sub-sequence of appearance, the first play of the players chosen at random according to their preferences a shooting location, according to their own custom shooting mode throw the ball, if he voted in the ball, then behind the two name of a player must 依葫芦画瓢 geo-again, in the same place shooting the same way shot. If the two players behind the ball can not vote, or unable to complete the task, they will get a letter H. Conversely, if the first shot of the players were unable to vote in their own words, then he should first get an H, and lost the initiative.

End of the game to see who should accumulate HORSE these five letters, it said he had been eliminated. In the end, the last player left of that is that the game title.

This is the video:



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