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I have only 1 meter 69, is very short, what I can do practice dunk?

loveyiin2010-03-29 04:10:16 +0000 #1
I am now 15, I would like to practice dunk, I am only 169cm, I ask that I can do practice dunk? How do training? Master please help me. .
raybin9102010-03-29 04:26:34 +0000 #2
training course, but life will not succeed.
qq4500031642010-03-29 04:50:49 +0000 #3
theoretically 170 dunk I've ever seen, but the only button Volleyball
aaa31804192010-03-29 05:09:46 +0000 #4
q2438788722010-03-29 05:40:41 +0000 #5
First, the most important thing is you dunk a great yearning for `
Second, you have to live in resistance to the lonely, eating can be sustained in the bitter `.

Third, you must own self-confidence, I believe they can line! history, there are a lot shorter people dunk like small potatoes Weber's`
, 170 or even less than `Flip` 2000 session of the hands National Slam Dunk Champion 175. tall, 175 in the United States can dunk a lot of `Although

Ran Europe and the United States constitution is indeed a very strong person, but we` through appropriate training can be achieved. our school had an American student named Matthew, we may know ` Comparison of fat is not very high in-situ `But he can jump to seize the basket.

Fourth, dunking is not your ultimate goal of` exercise, brings the power and beauty, giving the feeling of flying. Of course, you have to hi

Huan that flying feeling.

Fifth, if you are less than 170, of course, you can not afford to dream of the standard deduction of 3.05 of the basket, because people always have limits `` `you are not days to be professional but it was impossible to go training. but can buckle 2.9-2.95 around the basket, most of the basket are so high `
of course the streets. except stadium.

No. 7, there is a good pair of basketball shoes and adequate protection. No. 8, have the time and energy to practice, not afraid of boring.

9, there are a bunch of friends, support and participation, this is very important, it is best to play along with a few good bounce.

No. 10 can be flying one-handed lay-skilled and the desire to fly. Desire is the first one.
DScully2010-03-29 05:50:46 +0000 #6
prepared a sand vest, the weight should be increased gradually began to do not too heavy. Sand vest every day wearing a 30-minute practice run and jump over. Wear a vest skilful sand, wearing bad, then of little use. The trick is to make sure their part of the sand into a vest, as close as chaos swimsuit swinging Caixing. Mogao tests on a regular basis to master strides. Self-motivation, psychological implying that he is progressing, will be successful. Rest to the law is a basic snacks beef and potato stew (beef, not excessive, especially in summer), can suitably take creatine (must be the regular products), and onions to eat. Do not eat at night ginger, do not use ginger cook. The morning to eat ginger, with a small piece of ginger, remove the ginger skin, including the first post-eating. More than 15 per day horizontal bar pull-ups, as far as possible to do a row, began to fail, no matter what, and so physical up the fine. Of more than 20 a day to stretch the parallel bars bent arm. (An increase of the trunk, neck and arm strength) load vertical jump, you can put crotch with both hands lifting heavy loads, standing straight up vertical jump, remember not to extrados, start martial arts moves on the inside similar to Bu Zhan Zhuang, day, three groups, each 10 times. This exercise can enhance the waist, legs, buttocks, legs, arch, arm strength, especially in the arm of anti-resistance. How can I excel at it? Miscellaneous and tips (you can comprehend and understand): First the body can excel at a bend of the reinforced (Bu Zhan Zhuang when the body shape, as well as strong muscles), just like clockwork, as strength in the hair and then the moment to bend the steel bars (like pulled the same bend of the bow) Change Straight (body posture when the vacant hurling up), that is, in the hair strength of the moment, the waist, legs, buttocks, legs, arch the power of the outbreak at the same time as far as possible to the whole body. Ligaments pull the body every day. Various parts of the above complement each other. After the need for you to try to understand, and then try to improve the characteristics of each person is different, training or less the same. Going gets tough, definitely not a practice. 1: In the morning practice run and jump sand vest for 30 minutes (can be a basketball basic training, you can run and jump is mainly physical basic training, such as rope skipping, standing tuck jump, etc.) 2: a single parallel bars exercises. (Very useful exercise) 3: vertical jump exercises. (Thought to be concentrated, but not tense, issued before the muscle strength is the most relaxed, but not slack to prevent the injury) 4: at night before going to bed pull ligaments. (To conscientiously true) 5: one meal a day to add beef and potatoes. Eat onions. The morning with peeled ginger in the evening do not eat ginger, ginger also do not cook. 6: work and rest rules. Ten o'clock every night before sleep, 9:30, 9:00 no objection to the morning, get up at 5 o'clock. 8 hours of sleep a day. Let clock timing in order to conform to the body's ability to play. 7: one day a week to find time to rest, the day to stop all training. (Strength was adequate rest after the president of Jin,) 8: perseverance, then light as if Yan.



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