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How much of the crotch bounce dunk 174

74077892612010-03-29 07:11:46 +0000 #1
174 bounce dunk to know how many crotch and large windmill dunk, I am now 15 years old jumping 75 cm, hot to open the body 80, in-situ Mogao more than 230, in addition to running 305-310 Can I still there is hope crotch and large windmill dunk Mody? The sooner to answer the more points
right Yue2010-03-29 07:27:19 +0000 #2
174 operator you are standing Mogao 230, jump of 75 cm can dunk, if the waist and healthy, then jump to 90 cm can be a big windmill, which is able to touch to the backboard that little box on the top. .

Crotch, then at least we've got 110 centimeters, that is, the first 10-15 cm away from the basket, while the deduction is also not just a good bounce, there must be a good waist strength, bench press at least to 100KG

The most important thing is to persist, I am also 15 years old Height 170, jumping nearly 1 meter, it can barely windmill. . .

zhang_907152010-03-29 07:35:10 +0000 #3
Your 174 in-situ Mogao 230 is very good, I have 176 to 218. . First dunk with both hands, then the wrist must be more than ring. If the one hand, then at least to more than 30 cm (not catch the ball case), otherwise it will buckle fly. Captured live, then so much easier.
Stupid Shrek2010-03-29 07:44:51 +0000 #4
look at your current physical condition, you do not need a bounce, is the body's flexibility, crotch and large windmills is needed is the body's balance, and coordination, multi-exercise flexibility, in particular arm , hand waist, and eye coordination,
LSFVO32010-03-29 07:51:47 +0000 #5
Oh, a little too difficult,

I saw a video,

is also the Chinese people, he said he was one meter


he can dunk crotch,

he is a net jump 110cm,

more practice if you bounce,

there is a very important waist force,

plus you have only 15 years old,

is also president of high,

you practice as long as the insistence 啦,

there is still hope,
a1219379882010-03-29 08:47:19 +0000 #6
Hope is a drop
Gray Dragon Dance2010-03-29 08:10:48 +0000 #7
dunk high frame at least one hand ...

And if, if there is enough bounce is essential

is the strength of waist and abdomen .. With the strength of waist and abdomen in the air after the can make a move
Dark Age2010-03-29 10:41:43 +0000 #8
If I remember correctly, the ball box is 3.03 meters

would like to dunk the ball box, you have to beat up more than possible, another ball take-off will reduce the minimum height! Forget it himself! About a meter!

To your current height, as long as you can dunk, Yao Li, supported by a sufficient (ie endurance capacity) enough to get you to do all the actions of the

refueling bar!

You can refer to Nate Robinson



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