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Reality group spend about how much of this lineup? Will pay the luxury tax?

RipVanWinckle2010-03-29 10:11:19 +0000 #1
Starting line-up:

C: Dwight Howard

PF: Lamcus Aldridge

SF: Nicolas Batum

SG: CJ Miles

PG: Deron Williams


C: Fescenko Joey Dorsey

PF: Carl Landry

SF: Matt Barnes

SG: Anthony Morrow Jamaine Taylor

PG: Kyle Lorry Chris Quinn
Kazakhstan House Porter2010-03-29 10:22:10 +0000 #2
C: Dwight Howard - 1520 Wan

PF: Lamcus Aldridge - 584 Wan

SF: Nicolas Batum - 111 10000

SG: CJ Miles - 370 Wan

PG: Deron Williams - 1352 Wan


C: Fescenko - 87 Wan Joey Dorsey - 88 Wan

PF: Carl Landry - 300 Wan

SF: Matt Barnes - 160 Wan

SG: Anthony Morrow - 73 Wan Jamaine Taylor - 72 Wan

PG: Kyle Lorry - 203 Wan Chris Quinn - 105 million to the League so far below the salary cap, but it is limited in this season, next season should be much higher, because this year is the final year of his rookie contract Aldridge, the next season, he would definitely want a big contract (minimum 10 million), the other players a lot of your basic salary of this team, these players are basically is a signed one year, the next renewal season will certainly be slightly higher (mainly Moro, Quinn is also a free agent next season), but in general even if it is up to next season's salary cap just close to the League, Hehe.
houts232010-03-29 10:20:31 +0000 #3
Let me talk ,2009-2010 season under the salary cap of 57.7 million U.S. dollars, the luxury tax line is 69.92 million U.S. dollars. Any of a payroll of more than this number of teams, each spend 1 U.S. dollars, you have to pay one U.S. dollars in luxury tax.

Moreover, under each person's salary this season:

C: Dwight Howard 1520 Wan U.S. Dollar

PF: Lamcus Aldridge 584 Wan U.S. Dollar

SF: Nicolas Batum 112 Wan U.S. Dollar

SG: CJ Miles 370 Wan U.S. Dollar

PG: Deron Williams 1376 Wan U.S. dollars


C: Fescenko 87 Wan Wan

Joey Dorsey 88 U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar

PF: Carl Landry 300 Wan U.S. Dollar

SF: Matt Barnes 160 Wan U.S. Dollar

SG: Anthony Morrow 74 Wan Wan

Jermaine Taylor 73 U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar

PG : Kyle Lorry 203 Wan Wan

Chris Quinn 107 U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar

TOTAL: 50.54 million U.S. dollars

so we do not pay the luxury tax

personal advice: Rudy Fernandez this very NB was 1.17 million

Brandon Roy this Needless to say, and this year's salary does

George Hill is the 3.91 million it is also very powerful 1.08 million U.S. dollars

Jose Barea played unstable, but the really good times playing terrible ........

1.66 million U.S. dollars more than completely on my own hands to fight, giving a hard sub - can be a



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