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I am a high school's girls basketball talent, college entrance examination to test Bei Tida, I would

MVP love morning2010-03-29 15:10:23 +0000 #1

zhaodingyi1232010-03-29 15:24:41 +0000 #2
1, to participate in college entrance examination sports plus sports plus Examination basketball special, different provinces have different rules, ask a physical education teacher.

2, directly involved in college sports examinations, the general sports department of sports institutions.

Suggested to participate in college entrance examination, because you have a high school. Do not waste.
wenzhong_hu2010-03-29 15:26:47 +0000 #3
perfectly! ! ! I wish you dream come true!
Park 662010-03-29 16:25:53 +0000 #4
Then you have to get body art gave birth.

Otherwise, cultural studies have to learn ah.

There is a direct on the Sports School.

As long as you have your fill of high. Skills well.

Nothing is impossible.

optimistic you are.

加油! `



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