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Zhuhai, where there is Allen Iverson 12 on behalf of the selling??

kgkb0012010-03-30 03:11:30 +0000 #1
I want to buy legal copies, and about how much money? ? Where can we buy? Thank you all help out 啦! !
AIshang Ai2010-03-30 03:22:34 +0000 #2
12 on behalf of a good buy. . .

Zhuhai, the stores can be found REEBOK

market price of 700 Chutou no more than 900 around the country are now on the price

we have one called the Friends of the AI bar Ayse spirits bar you go to AI will be able to post messages to find man

He is a diehard AI can not be sale of counterfeits to you

words to this good or ill to and sub-- -! 12 on behalf of the LZ seemingly not many want to say



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