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How to play defense in the strong (collision type) of the center? What kind of defensive posture?

qq2721195902010-03-30 07:10:29 +0000 #1
How to play defense in the strong (collision type) of the center? What kind of defensive posture? Is the hand (wrist to elbow this) wore each other's hands (shoulder to elbow this) defense, I was about it? Still using chest close to him? (Today I tried to give people slam a moment, stomach Tongsi a). Is there any way (gestures) honesty and integrity such as collision-type center? He hit finished look, but also the type of hit!
xiao5633466472010-03-30 07:12:16 +0000 #2
student bar ... In fact, the main question is that your stomach was hit, bad mood. Multi-purpose brain, how could hit the stomach? Fight back the attacker if the attacker force is part of the back shoulder to see height, he went strong to play until Yao Ming, Yao hit the stomach, because he was too short, less than a chest hit the attacking side ... if the force points in the elbow, see Yao's height, force points, on the stomach below, so look at is your stomach. Most likely you are hidden in each other's elbow, to say you are stupid enough to use without the stomach to defend.

I guess your height not less than the other, body weight is not the poor, so you dare to meet the positive collision ... defensive action is to put a foot between his legs, hands, stand up to his waist, as long as not to be Akira played on the list. Non-professional players generally will not protect the defender does not encourage the use of chest.

Back to play is still an important step, my back when playing against the physical person who almost never just to do with the collision Akira child, focusing on perceived each other's position, turned to drive or shoot, Sklar on a good pattern and great, the body use of the authority.
cherryegg2010-03-30 07:25:35 +0000 #3
hand (wrist to elbow this) wore each other's hands (shoulder to elbow this) is a defensive play by IQ .. .. Do not talk to him head-on, he pretended to go up the top .. see his hair when the power advantage of the opportunity Back .. Sometimes he would high center of gravity and fall down .. this opportunity to own a good grasp.
large wing-hyun2010-03-30 08:21:29 +0000 #4
According to physics theorem, a certain quality of an object must have a certain acceleration will produce a greater force. For this type of player, with the wrist to the elbow during his stand up, do not distance themselves from him, he broke you look, they immediately go on top. Distance, once opened, he would gain more power, you will not Fangbu Zhu had. Do not use chest to the top, people power is really in place, then will you Zhuangcheng seriously injured. So the first step: The elbow to resist him, and not distance. Second: sharp eyes, put more, pay attention to defensive sideways to have the opportunity, he would dig the ball, if the power is not as good as him, and might as well let him come in, ready to pitch when he shot his hand seal point, do not easily take-off, once he took live ball, it can not be strong to fight! Then you live in the blockade of his pitching line, he basically had the Mozhe. Note that the entire defense process, your center of gravity to lower and stable, so Tuiqu Xi, you can also withstand his hands was crossed, so that the hands and feet will form a solid angle of the three defensive battle. (As long as you step out of the other party not more than 40 kilograms, are generally not move to push you) Lastly account, if the other party obstinately than you step out of the 50 kilograms or more, and the technology is in place, which there is no way, some of the gap, is really to make up will not work.



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