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There is no increase in advantage center

252,494,3462010-03-30 07:11:21 +0000 #1
18-year-old, height is only 1.73 weight 170 bounce poor start to play basketball from the high one. Is not likely to play. Now a third year. . More than a year playing basketball. No technology, are learning to see people playing their own way .. I rarely attack the basket. Only the body back singles hook + some fake .. not because of my height advantage, feeling a lot of attack have not come out to play .. but I am The strong ability to grab rebounds. Card-bit is also quite good. have a strong desire to rebound the ball. dare to physical confrontation. only difference apart from some lofty jumping board looting is not down .. playing half-court game, I, I feel robbed board than anyone else .. so many students are willing to team with me .. I know I'm only the strengths of the. but I want to progress. more learn more rebounding skills

I want to improve yourself to grab rebounds capability. What method of practice (I would like very hard to practice) ..

What .. inside of the offense against insider added. prevention techniques such as single.

a detailed bound to pursue sub-.. read all copy After a ...

cq2elwz2010-03-30 07:15:39 +0000 #2
hit the ball for so many years, and to be honest: height is kingly

our youth to play than the NBA can not black people.

You look at Nate Robinson, 1 m 7 a few others still dunk. Have to three sessions of slam dunk king. Water is not water, we ignore indicates the race is very advantage.

You have a 1 meter 7, a few people who would not want to play professional league in the future to play basketball, that is play. Entertainment, exercise what is, is not it?

So, I suggest you, since you are like inside and is very aggressive, very interesting, then you continue to fight. However, due to the yellow race of people we really did not bounce the results of BT's, so, but that accounts for a large part of the height advantage. Now is not high, then play with our heads, playing clever.

For example, you can look at the tactics of the Internet, learning to coordinate the type to change to play center.

Means that the free-throw line, with teammates, playing tactics, but in fact this is the basketball team, the essence of sport. Lies with, after all, basketball is five individuals.

In addition, you can actively train bounce. As for the method of training here I do not copy and paste, and online are numerous. You know, spring is practice, and more young people, the better practice. Only need a summer vacation, multi-hop 10 cm.

In short, my suggestion is: to play clever, playing coordinated action, practice inside steps, and actively cooperate with teammates. Rebounds to continue to play to your strengths, and actively card bit. When playing golf, the attitude is very important.

I wish you getting better! !

If you feel good, I hope you accepted as the answer. z

has been a very necessary Caifu Zhi, Oh, I want to ask questions are not divided - Xie slightly
leon23212010-03-30 07:50:54 +0000 #3
your body in a relatively awkward ratio of height to play center is indeed too short. Encountered 1.9 meters of the people, you do not grab boards. Playing inside is not your long-term solution, if you want the basketball in the future achievements of the words. I suggest that you become a misplaced singles pitcher. You train one-third of the ball, positioning in the small forward position. If you have one-third of accurate, you must be outside defense may be players outside the body failed you strong, you can use physical dislocation singles these back, to say at this time you have a very quasi-third of the ball. If you can accept my proposal, I think you have entered the university after the school team opportunities. If you want to play casually, then playing inside, rebounding when the main master card bit and timing, but I do not recommend you continue to insider



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