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cctv5 All-Star relay error

Zang of people2010-03-30 10:11:46 +0000 #1
how last time Anthony Juesha stuck
FS 乄 iao ghost2010-03-30 10:26:11 +0000 #2
Dui ah. TMD I thought it was my own fault of television does

affect their mood was a little buddy do not see a shot of excitement -
Sky static languages2010-03-30 10:22:25 +0000 #3
yes ah. should be a signal problem, no first time to see live pictures
Hao Shuai CF2010-03-30 11:05:31 +0000 #4
is 呀 .. always replay KG and Pierce ..

talk nor Juesha into ..



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