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Basketball Fire What is this?

Froze the first v Boys2010-03-30 10:11:52 +0000 #1
Old classmates listen to mention the breaking stuff is older and listened to what the theme song ah what that mess. . Basketball fire in the end this is what ah?
Canjian off the evening soul2010-03-30 10:23:18 +0000 #2
is a bad man played by Jerry Yan, etc. of a more fiery drama, the plot more cerebral residual (personal point of view) When you look at when you feel pretty good but then Garbage

【story feels Profile Thunderbolt University is a nationally known academic and research excellence is why institutions of higher learning, study, strict conservative, principal, Li-ping 'emphasis on the text of light weapons' under the concept of the scholarship, the enthusiasm of the sport almost vanished. Even the annual national youth aroused blood the participation of national college league CUBA, five basketball elite ---- basalt, black dragon, white tiger, Suzaku, Cheng-lin, in the end who won the title in Gold? Learned in this garden, do not care! On the eve of the end of the summer, the quiet campus, an unexpected disturbance of airflow ...】 (not written by me)
Fruit0Yuki2010-03-30 11:00:52 +0000 #3
Show Luo, Jerry Yan, Wu Zun, played youth idol drama, about basketball, 22:00 See Hunan Satellite TV will know
raul46762010-03-30 10:22:57 +0000 #4
is an idol dramas to listen to the students that some characters inside the real basketball skills are good some of the Buxing Le

or Chinese Slam Dunk 哈哈
cgd19962010-03-30 10:25:17 +0000 #5
TV shows
yy2505002162010-03-30 11:03:37 +0000 #6
Taiwan idol drama. . . To tell the truth, and too fake a --- --- still more funny, some of whom play the ball was an expert-level yo ---- inside that beauty is an expert --- Hehe
zx396318882010-03-30 12:22:13 +0000 #7
Show Luo, Jerry Yan, Wu Zun, played youth basketball skills are good idol
compete with the World2010-03-30 12:45:03 +0000 #8
Taiwan idol drama
zjzyok2010-03-30 11:51:22 +0000 #9
Hunan Satellite TV is being played basketball idol



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