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Marbury did not broadcast the first show how CCTV5, does not count it

ayi9082010-03-30 12:10:10 +0000 #1
on the network, said on television have a live television broadcast on 2010.1.31 19:30 CCTV5 Marbury in the first show, why is the 81 games broadcast really annoying, always 81 of the game, trouble do not trouble it. Marbury is the first time a rare game, wonderful level of response is evident. cctv5 does not count, really heartbroken people, in addition to anger, or angry,
koma62932010-03-30 12:19:02 +0000 #2
cctv5 has always been the habit of silent people. .忽忽. . . Therefore, the Internet has been read. .
xcy1202010-03-30 12:41:52 +0000 #3
not match the fourth quarter broadcast LZ Mei Kanwan do

is to

to say the last Marbury also lose
KAKAJUSUS2010-03-30 13:13:30 +0000 #4
Yu-Jia 1 began: I would let inspected Shanxi Road month apologized in front of that You poor coverage conditions, it now appears I was wrong.

Yu-Jia said: OK, and who loves attention to Marbury will come to attention. I think nba depends on pure, cba same. See Shanxi team, Marbury can not I see, if it does not see, I do not see coming. I think that the Hsueh-Wen Chang Chiang Peng Duan, no need to look at the over gas nba star, early enough to see. You are willing to look at. I do not Lan Zhao, they should not insist on me. No nonsense, and 15:30, who look at Lakers, Celtics, say a word children please
♂ ★ popular bishop ♀2010-03-30 12:58:42 +0000 #5
game play is still quite wonderful

81 than the end, CCTV5 broadcast team in Dongguan, Shanxi game There are about five minutes then play bar

score remained deadlocked to move forward, the key moment Juesha Marbury did not take the chance, but added that this is like asking Kelly in Dongguan, right? ? Break scoring a critical moment, the audience seemingly got 37 points, to a certain extent Dabao a nag, hey! - Marbury really Paobu Dong, and keep up with Kelly's footsteps! -

The last moment, do a hero to save the team did not grasp the chance, but Tupofenqiu, and replaced the previous Marbury, already entered the sudden, CBA's defense is really easy to break ah! - Unfortunately, he only surprise about the soon-point shot! - Losing the last game

15 points 8 to help four panels 4 grab two errors, the data generally like! - To be run-in! -



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