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Play basketball, running speed

zhuweizzz2010-03-30 15:12:11 +0000 #1
My tall 1.70, is a guard, a bit stupid, how exercise can be done, like Iverson when running across a big step forward, run fast
linxinzero2010-03-30 15:28:34 +0000 #2
first floor of the argument is the extreme best But the greatest harm to the body, especially in the old post will be very severe physical sluggish response

I'll give you the best of recommendation is what I learned from abroad, teaching video's

I 179. is also a defender

For me, I seek rhythm and skills more than the rate of crossover, as I do unpleasant, but the rhythm of swinging the ball impact point with the body changes direction Chicai

extraordinary is basically the same, but these things are built on the same and that is the quality of co-ordination and toughness

So you say large strides the same reason he does not require you to have the speed does not require you to have the power to ask your feet and your body distorted coordination degree

Yes you need is the coordination of toughness

As for the method of exercise, I can Q or msn where to tell you the details of how to do or I made that video to you This is my blog that you read you will believe that I say is true

I can leave a Q to you when you go to increase, I want me some of the relevant videos and my personal experience to give you


I am very happy to explore with you the feel back because I also like Allen Iverson
Virgil Erweijier2010-03-30 15:18:23 +0000 #3
30 squat, then immediately ran the fastest 200 meters, twice a day, the two groups. Training volume gradually increases. A month can significantly improve the speed, bear fruit quickly. I also wish to cross the big steps, then down center of gravity.
kgpumazy2010-03-30 15:27:46 +0000 #4
follow someone else's pace and its not as good at upholding their own *

can see Deron Williams play style, and perhaps more suitable for you



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