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How basketball practice.

107,748,2712010-03-30 18:10:38 +0000 #1
Is a ball, and extraordinary skills -! Coupled with anti-people -! (I was a person, and a basketball, how should practice?)
kettle Hinata2010-03-30 18:22:26 +0000 #2
1:00 personal experience

that is holding the ball constantly turned to run

with your audience the fastest goal to complete

10 months with a group of

there are some crotch dribbling and changing direction like in very good shape

for your feeling as well as the coordination of the entire body will be greatly improved

but still suggest you try to find someone to play with .. ...
Cold maple or snow2010-03-30 18:51:05 +0000 #3
the ball of the pace of mentality
qq4145647322010-03-30 18:20:53 +0000 #4
point a person such as a ball very well trained your mother wants you to buy something you can walk while he started practicing with the ball when you can watch a soccer match but to gradually from

extraordinary skills of small animals to find a bamboo pole and chanting in general more slowly than watch others go to the playground to play in this can certainly learn something

can not put themselves in practice and training progress
Easy Day 882010-03-30 19:13:17 +0000 #5
Three Ball on, then the strength and speed training more familiar with the ball, and is the foundation, try to play more games, improve it soon

recommended daily running 2000 meters, push-ups to do 3-6 groups of 30, take a solid basketball practice shooting hand type
471,401,7682010-03-30 19:14:41 +0000 #6
Louzhu Hello!

on the ball and exceptional skills. actually very simple. to be with the heart.

First, talk about mentality:

must be a cool way of thinking,

that is what?

When the ball. Do not head down. heads up. (Be not afraid of the man)

eyes stared at each other. You can also look at from time to time to the left to right to see. (Note that. only the eyes move.)

There are usually their own Multi-dribble with one hand to practice, in particular, is to speed up state.

Oh.'s right there!

dribbling Do not use the entire palm of your hand. with the fingers. And do not dribble exposed to others (that is, do not deliver to too much out of)

to Win the ball low. down center of gravity. also in speed.

superhuman Well.

even more necessary to calm the mind.

in general.

extraordinary time, if too anxious. will inevitably result in mistakes. or being built.

To clarify ideas. If you crossed the opponent, if the opponent see through. must act according to circumstances.

I just basketball camp out.

When a small PG.

I was calm. coach praising my cool.

extraordinary skills . have nothing to say. have no skills.

superhuman. Otherwise suddenly accelerated. Otherwise fake.

If you have found a step that people still stuck you. and then suddenly. and then suddenly! use your strength. speed get rid of him.

As Bryant said: "The breakthrough should surprise. and then suddenly. and then suddenly! I do not believe you can not break through."



If you are a person exercises.

previous field to the backcourt.

depressed body. with open legs. Spread your long arm

want to play sideways, like crabs, "crawl"

more practice on several occasions.


I will focus my recommendation to you.


With the pace of the attackers foot gently moving. we have to maintain a good distance.

hand, to open. in order to stop him breaking forward.

best to set his ball. using peripheral vision to judge the pace of his movement.

If you have an opportunity. steals the shot.

finally tell you to talk about:

Basketball is not a person's movement. is a group exercise.

basketball is not a person that you can learn. should be more games with people. from access to life experiences.

Basketball is not a timid and afraid of people who cover campaigns. is a courageous man not afraid of being covered movement.

If you fear people will never become a good cover player.


on others it seems to speak with a point of irony when.

You should prove to him: You are wrong.

use your dribbling skills. drive the ball. shots. let him shut up

Louzhu refueling Oh!



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