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Practice how to vote two-thirds

gently Hidden Desire2010-03-30 18:11:41 +0000 #1
two-thirds vote is not enough when you feel the power, often cast less than a basket
▓ Jujue 恋 嗳 ℡2010-03-30 18:20:19 +0000 #2
hello -

to me about 3 minutes to vote secret -- -

Practice tips basketball three hours long shot 3-pointers technologies:

1, "began shooting from the feet" is the absolute truth, especially for one-third of the ball that moves, for the amateur team, the jumper (refer to the kind of jump shots later, not incidentally, jump in) one-third of the action is too difficult, it is recommended do not have to be mastered in many cases ground-launched to deal with an amateur level has had enough. One-third of the ball for the power to require higher, advised Members must not be too sure your arm can provide so much power and so the use of force accuracy. Knees and the rebound can get a great inertia force is conducive to the hands of more forces to target.

2, the hands of the training movements is difficult to describe in words, only with training before they can go to their own experience. To achieve dynamic stereotype, so that my hands, arms can have a very stable feel.

3, three-point basket of the aiming point is generally long-distance point, into the basket height typically require a high, almost as high as possible, but when the shot to have a sense of high investment, of course, the beginning of unsuitable However, some time after training, may feel good, especially the two-thirds vote allowed friends can try to use a high arc to vote, and perhaps give you a surprise.

4, fired at the corner is more difficult (due to the relationship between the eye target, there is no frame of reference), but this place is often the opportunity to vote two-thirds up, so this place must pay attention to multi-shot training, the training is to improve the level of the only way!

5, in a defense case, the third shot the ball on the break should be combined, (shooting and breakthroughs that can not be separated), but this point is almost no what to say, anyway, is to go to practice, in the game slower go slow feeling.

In general to be step by step basis if there are some shots from the free-throw line can start practicing non-stop around the pitch there is a chance to practice when your hit rate remained stable at 60% or so could be the distance increase your distance to practice a half-step is also in the hit rate of 100 molecules

60 or so plus a half step until the half-step free-throw line over the distance but also to say that one-third of the ball overnight can be practiced in order in the race to maintain a stable one-third of the ball you have to like the NBA is often practiced in one-third of a season striker at best can only achieve 40% or so

However, there are a few shots of the premise

posture must be correct both in general and shooting Or jump shot which is the premise of all this a little that Baidu search online there are many of them are worth learning and reference later

you will find is an easy shot to do the correct action sufficiently strong arm gently wave the ball entered the header

When you feel a very great effort is necessary to consider their own action and strength

Action force as the premise, combined with sufficient exercise to improve hand I think you will be able to become a master

there is to say yes Either you do not vote to vote must be determined must have confidence

One last point: study hard and seriously life, cherish the time, love people around! ! !
cbz868828252010-03-30 18:19:23 +0000 #3
Enhanced wrist force and the allocation of that practice.
a88136092010-03-30 19:27:51 +0000 #4
I have big strength is also tall, but it is used to center the. . So two-thirds ah, sometimes three non-stick `` `So, get used to a place dedicated to training.

Voted less than a basket to see what the reasons are, I will not because the power is not enough. . If you are because power is not enough, then you shot on the leg when the use of force, that is, at the same time take-off shots. Exercise is finding the sense of Bai.
sihualiu2010-03-30 19:19:07 +0000 #5
own experience, want to help you:

training in upper limb is necessary, but sometimes is not necessarily the strength is not enough, there may be shooting posture was not standardized, and thus less effective. Cast two-thirds vote of the posture and in slightly different, first of all, shooting when the squat, leg, made a take-off, there is forward trends, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, made a four-point, so that external rotation basketball, investment out of the trunk must be straight.
America Blue degrees2010-03-30 19:49:29 +0000 #6
physical confrontation is not enough? Enough weight, muscle strength is not enough -

these two, in addition to weight, the other, but in order to sub-practice area, and, if the do not want to train muscles, then it fertilization bar -

one-third of the hit rate is not maintained, is look feel, and regular practice will increase the hit rate feel, this is a shooting touch training

three-step layup, mainly the first two steps, forced step, the final step force jump, three-step basket, professional two-step and a half to say yes.

Left foot take-off, first one step left, rotation right foot, left foot firmly placed in the final jump.

Ball instability is not sufficiently familiar with the ball.

First of all we must know the ball, I think you watched "Slam Dunk" inside Yingmuhuadao, that around the ball, you will it, 10 minutes a day practicing, and then mastery of the air on the ball, standing backboard distance Some of the places with 50CM ball rebounds (Do not use too strong), and then let the ball fall, continuous beat to hit the ball rebounds (need to jump up, since they are all air movements), this can be a little outbreak of practice, as well as on the ball master -

then is the basis dribble

First of all, your feet shoulder width to open (this can easily speed up the extraordinary, or an immediate jump shot), according to the method of Bu-knees, the body intact. Then, the first right-hand dribble, and so are familiar with the latter, you change the left hand dribble, and so are familiar with both sides a bit, it began to dribble in disguise (which is the most basic because crotch behind needs to have a disguised form of support), that is, Bounce the ball changed hands. Enhancing the disguise, etc., you can practice crotch behind the. This is dribbling training

In this way, your problem Gaoding a! ! !



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