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The most urgent need to understand the most basic basketball knowledge

Yue Yue On2010-03-30 19:12:00 +0000 #1
if title! ! ! Reward high marks, especially the basketball court 5 position, details (including the role, preferably with map!)

Reply good also extra points
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go to Baidu is not the Wikipedia search click OK by
☆ Q Tang Guo Wei Q ☆2010-03-30 19:22:36 +0000 #3
Ball Do not wash, wipe on the line, it is best not to wear easy to sticky gray clothes, do not shoot the ball above the head, when,


a basic rule.

a team game approach Five people, including a man-made captain of the alternate players up to seven people, but organizers to increase the number of Ke Yi. Competition is divided into four sections, each 12 minutes per session, each 5-minute break between sessions, 10-minute intermission. End of the game with the same two points, then held on to extend the match five minutes, if the number is still more than 5 minutes the same, then again 5 minutes to extend the tournament until a winner until over.


The ball dropped into the basket scoring categories recognized by the referee, the score will be considered. 3-point line inputs available inside the two points; 3-point line inputs available outside the three points, was thrown into a points penalty.

3. Is to be conducted

contest began with the launch of two players to the central one-hop jump ball area, drop by the trial referee the two sides jump ball to start play. Throw.

4. Players to replace players to replace

every 20 seconds to complete, replace the number is not limited. Time for the exchange of players chosen was a foul, ball, called pause. Referee can suspend the game's timing.

5. Foul

4 times each for each player be allowed to foul the opportunity shall be guilty of at least the fifth exit (NBA for six times). And can not be in the same game once again in play. Free throw is no one can stop, defensive shooting situations, is right as a team foul penalty, giving the other team opportunities. After the penalty should stand on the free-throw line, from the referee, who took over the ball after 10 seconds to shoot. In the shot, the ball touched the basket and can not step on the former the more free-throw line.

6. Offenses

can be divided into (a) General offenses: If the ball walk, double dribble, foot ball football or boxing. (2) jump ball offense; (3) jump ball when the offense: Apart from the jump ball players were outside of those who may touch the ball jump ball jump ball before he entered the central area.
Next moneybags2010-03-30 19:26:00 +0000 #4
point guard (PG)

point guard (Point Guard) is a chance to pitch the ball up, master race, organized attack people. They take the ball from the backcourt to safety Daoqian Chang, then pass the ball to other teammates, to the teammates to create scoring opportunities. Assists is their top priority, point guard's role in the arena as directed by a superb performance director.

A qualified point guard, first of all have excellent ball-handling ability and can bring the ball well over half; second, but also has good passing ability. Point guard to let the ball movement was smooth, they must be able to score the ball reached the most vulnerable places.

Point guard is often the team scoring the last one, unless their teammates do not have a good opportunity to shot, otherwise he is not an easy shot. Even with a strong ability to score goals is also a point guard to score in their own ability to destroy the opponent's defense, so as to create scoring opportunities for teammates.

Point guard of the criteria: on the spot there is any chance is better than his teammates, he must throw the ball to the opportunity to better teammates. Therefore, unless it is a very good shot opportunities, will not be shot shooting point guard, so that pairs of point guard shooting the requirements of a natural high, usually 50% or more - the hit rate is higher than that of small forward and shooting guard. Means of specific scores, the external perimeter, and cut into the point guard is an essential tool for 2.

On behalf of players: Jason Kidd (New Jersey) 2006 All-Star Western 2006MVP: Nash

shooting guard (SG)

shooting guard (Shooting Guard), based on scores for the main task of the Guards, he The figure is generally higher than point guard, outside shooting is the main means of scoring.

Shooting guard small forward in the field is second only to the second-leading scorer, but he did not need a small forward in general singles trained skill, as he often is a gap after team-mate to help find shooting.

Shooting guard must first have a higher shooting percentage, and stability, and the second is giving faster, so in order to pull the enemy's defensive circle, but also conducive to offensive teammates in the prohibited zone. But point guard hit rate is normally about 47%, up less than 50%, because they shot the distance is usually quite far from the ring.

On behalf of players: Vince Carter (Toronto Raptors) 2006 All-Star West: Kobe Bryant

a small forward (SF)

a small forward (Small Forward) is a team player who scores the most important, there must also a good defense. A qualified small forward will not only have enough height in the low post scoring, but also have an excellent speed with fast-break and break score.

For small forward scores the most fundamental requirement is that the small forward shooting demands a tribute to one of the lowest position, in general, as long as four into five even get on the Qualified Sichengyishang are acceptable. Of course, there is a premise that he must be able to score. If a small forward for each game, was a seven, eight, hit rate is still only the pupils in, then it might as well tell him to bench forget. Anyway, why the small forward can compare the hit rates low? Because he was the team's leading scorer, he often must actively look for opportunities to shoot, we must at some point, stabilizing, or even a more difficult way to boost the morale of singles opponent, and even to the opponents Xiama Wei, head-on blow to the enemy and so on. Therefore, there will be more opportunities for small forward shot, and probably not very good opportunity, so we can allow him to lower the hit rate, as long as he can score so.

On behalf of players: Glenn Robinson (Atlanta Hawks) 2006 All-Star West: Tracy McGrady

power forward (PF)

power forward (Power Forward) in the team to act as the task of almost all of dominated by hard labor, rebound, defend, card position was his main task when it comes to shooting, scoring, his team is almost the last. Therefore, the power forward on the basketball court can be regarded as the most inconspicuous role.

Power forward first and foremost task is to grasp rebounds. Team on the power forward is usually to grab the most rebounds, he should be in a restricted zone with the center carried out with the card bit defensive, while also provoking task team in rebounding. In the attack, the power forward is often to help teammates cover for teammates shots in the effort to compete for rebounds, to prepare for the second offense.

In general, require large forward singles little time attack, while the power forward's offensive tools are mainly turned to shoot and the small hook-like attacks at close range. As large number of small forward shots, and he usually brings a close to the shooting location of the basket, so the shooting power forward also requires relatively high, generally at five locations in the field should be one of the highest hit rate, a qualified member of the shooting power forward should reach 50%.

Relative to the score, the rebounding power forward definitely wanted to capture much defensive ability when the cap is necessary for power forward, because their task is to consolidate the restricted area of the defense. Therefore, the power forward in the court's task is to do two things: rebounding and defense.

With modern basketball play an update of the power forward's offensive capacity requirements increased, however, a good power forward, or, in the restricted area of the defense as its main task.

On behalf of players: Tim Duncan (San Antonio) 2006 All-Star West: Duncan

center (C)

As the name suggests, center (Center) is a team's central figure, with its strong, tall body, regardless of offense or defense, they are team-shu Niu, so Ming Zhiwei center.

As a restricted area of the "Optimus Prime" is the center essential rebounding ability. In addition, the sealing blocks, is also the center blocks necessary capabilities. As the offensive team closed its regular session in the hub of a central location, so center should have a good ability to guide the ball can be more appropriate to the location of the ball delivery, assists teammates score. The above three is the center should possess basic skills. Of course, the score is also the center's bounden duty, they are inside the main scorer. Center of the hit rate should be higher than the big forward.

A good center to be versatile, not only have enough skill to score for the offense scores, but also to become a defensive team when the last one barrier, in addition to keep a good man-mark their own players, center would also be able to synergy and collaboration in time for the defensive teammates fill the seats.

Modern basketball play in the center there is a new tactic is the so-called "outside center." Such centers need to attack, the main to the outside shots, but do less restricted area of the attack. As with the other players on the defensive difference in stature too ineffective, so defensive side can only make this team also went to the outside to the center man-mark opponents. In this way, attackers can take advantage of the other centers are not restricted opportunities for this team capable of scoring forward or a guard members crazy. Of course, "center outside" only apply to offense when the defense is no different from the general center of the play.

On behalf of players: 2006 All-Star East: Shaquille O'Neal (Miami Heat) 2006 All-Star West: Yao Ming (China)



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