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NBAlive08 players seeking the latest patches 09-10 season, my mailbox, thank you

wgzws2010-03-30 21:12:04 +0000 #1

だ Tz ± ╃ じ ★2010-03-30 21:14:14 +0000 #2
has been handed down to you to update to the February 17 Watch for the next However, because too many downloads, non-QQ mailbox may be downloaded for it, if you can, you can re-give me what you QQ-mail

Update: Due to Timbert more popular - have not seen much slower to catch, and the Wizards players after the transaction to achieve 16 people, I have Arenas layoffs, in the free agent list (- patch has been tense production, everyone please look)

PS: warning has been I got some people do not patch Baidu defection, my patch is to update the LIVE player, not make you anti-I used to copy the water! Thank you co-operation.

thanks Louzhu the trust had been sent to you, Lou Zhu attention to the investigation, installation methods have been described in each e-mail

patch update to the February 5 Day (content has been updated below) - 07.08,08 X Universal

- QQ-mail has been sent to you, please watch for the next (again, if for download under an excessive number, or file date. can not be downloaded, please Baidu HI I specify: You have a question)

including the latest patches and photo facial patches, the players list, shoes, make up (which can be in my room for Baidu HI look at me cross-sectional sample map ---)

"NBA08 (07) far the most List (List updated to February 17, 2010 (February 6 Warriors termination Adams bidi - Clexton, February 11 Warriors termination Coby - Carr, February 13 Wizards, Mavericks heavy Transactions - Wizards: Stevenson, Haywood, Butler, Dallas: Howard, Ross, Drew Gooden, Singleton, February 17 Portland Trail Blazers will be Outlaw, Blake sent to the Clippers in exchange to Marcus - Marcus Camby, the Clippers cut the space to release the players Ricky - Davis), updated as of February 17 photographs of patches and facial patches.

ps: if for my patch have any comments or suggestions please give me to mention that helped me to better improve the patch, thank you for long-term support, if we find that some of his face missing please tell me, which will help me even more perfect patch

Note: I patch a lifetime warranty, and constantly update a problem ..... can come to ask me: Will the Rockets have been included - Conroy, and there are photographs, the face, a lot of players like AI , rest assured that inside, and the photographs were Louzhu jersey is the latest trouble if he thinks it handy to help me to confirm in the next Baidu

Reference: We do not believe, then go Ranger net, HOOPCHINA, etc., we are not afraid of comparison http:/ /

PS: you do not believe, you will see my answer Records



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