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Barrels pitching

KCN2 ID2010-03-30 23:10:57 +0000 #1
my ceremonies played a game called: Barrels pitch (see below)
, but the ball always pop up vote down bucket, how can we not cast into the pop-up
lshxx19902010-03-30 23:21:50 +0000 #2
If you play basketball you should know that a normal hit to pass the ball with the need for positive spin, then the secret of this game here, if you have tried on the know, the normal fee would be dropped into the pop-up come, then the Otherwise pop up, it is obvious to avoid direct throw the ball into the buckets, then consider the blow to type, like the All-Star Game skills competition the same.

But the strike also have a stress, not too strong nor too small to power forward and rotation, do not need too much, but to do that, that is, after being hit against the wall of the upper edge of oranges to understand not? Spin the ball hit the front wall of the upper edge of buckets will be generated in the opposite direction of resistance, making the ball slow down and eventually into the buckets.

You may wish to practice, as I said this way, I wish you every success.
Mice are born will be holes2010-03-30 23:18:06 +0000 #3
along or under a direct hit on it might not be the pop-up along the wall, hitting the lower rim is unlikely, because very little need for a high drop point, and the distance was almost no line. Instead hit the upper edge of the possibility of relatively large, it is recommended to the lowest point of the ball, or simply placed on the ground, from bottom to top throw, do not have a parabola, so that the ball hit the barrel on a straight line along the wall, the angle is also very Diao, so valgus using both hands to push the ball the way, more like a pass, so as to be more intensity, of course, can not force too much, as long as there are no major parabola on it.



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