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What is called the Little striker? How to play small forward?

QWEOPF2010-03-30 23:11:23 +0000 #1
Small forward out the outside pitch could do? How should Paowei inside and catch? How to cover?
☆ letters for your heart2010-03-30 23:16:41 +0000 #2
LS is a direct copy ...

small forward spots popular audience, that is to free people, you can replace any location apart from center (The following is the basic requirement)

First of all you Height should be still a slight bit so a little bit, and the other, small forward and shooting just need to associate a certain need, do not achieve the precision, the small forward is generally a ball where the highest number of one shot, you can play high marks Brush data, stabilizing role, if played point guard or center, but want to guarantee a certain percentage of hits, so do not necessarily bad break, master basket technology is essential to small forward, because small Striker is a free man audience, you can replace any addition to a location outside the center, you have another board, of course, is a comprehensive small forward, and that star is still true, of course, do not despise the work of passing, it is also very important, Of course, the small forward as long as a certain technology, you want to dunk is also possible, and you still need to bounce of exercise and weight reduction, field goal percentage is not high all right, multi-practice very, aimed at facing the rear of your ring Semi-side, breaking through to be effective quickly, the basket should be decisive, so in order to fuel your dream bar!

Pao Wei is a need to contact the empty threat of cutting and three positions, the cover is a high pick and rolls, defense, etc. ...



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