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With regard to playing basketball weekly

Lee Jung Young2010-03-30 23:11:29 +0000 #1
300 words about
Xiaodai の melons2010-03-30 23:27:35 +0000 #2
fun playing basketball

I am a sports enthusiast, basketball, football, table tennis and badminton are my favorite ... ... sport. where basketball is my favorite sport because it gives me lot of fun.

Whenever I put on basketball shoes and hypertrophy sportswear, running the basketball court, when there is a kind of unrestrained freedom of feeling. blue sky, sunshine, clouds, fresh air, let me ease of mind, all troubles and sadness, suddenly flew to Cloud Nine.

Whenever I put the ball firmly into blue basket, then basketball and the friction out of the net, "black" is heard, the sound is a kind of natural cardiac I impeach the voice, because only put hollow ball, the net can be issued the kind of voice. Whenever this point, I will not help feel a sense of accomplishment.

Whenever I rhythmically slap on the court with basketball, then the ball issued a "bang, bang, bang" sound, the sound is a kind of exciting voice, as if that drum sound, as if in the inspiring .

Whenever I get rid of the other pincer attack, firmly to break through to the other basket and the basket is successful, I will taste the joy of a successful, that brings me joy is that gratification is Relax.

Whenever I am running with teammates on the pitch when the shoes that the friction with the ground by the "squeak, squeak" sound, that sound is just how loud, how to sweet, in my mind, it is perhaps the most worldly sounds of music.

playing basketball, so I am engaged; playing basketball, let me obsessed; playing basketball a great sport!



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