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If Bryant is a genius, then James, what is?

woshiguiym2010-03-31 03:12:36 +0000 #1

wind the next 132010-03-31 03:19:06 +0000 #2
boooobyh2010-03-31 03:55:31 +0000 #3
libingzhe12342010-03-31 03:21:42 +0000 #4
Kobe Bryant the ball downright genius

James domineering style and elegant cupola
Cold Jokes m2010-03-31 04:53:32 +0000 #5
James is God! ! !
Everybody Loves being too small2010-03-31 03:38:25 +0000 #6
"bar 2" in such a dialogue, it is a profound: They just simply strong, but not a monster! Far as I understand it, a genius or a successful way of the strong post on the just pursuit of dreams, while the monster is not that they will not yield does not evade or dodge, they are a natural idea is to challenge and conquer the dreams of forever just to overcome the difficulties , rather than a stumbling block, the need to overcome! From this association to Kobe Bryant and LeBron, Kobe has been chasing the back of Michael Jordan and then became a superstar, but LeBron is not the case, he was so lonely alone in challenging the opponents of data history and even its own limits, this is the real monster !
w1127155182010-03-31 05:49:44 +0000 #7
should be said that James is a genius. Bryant is a genius. James thought that a better talent. Kobe Bryant the day after tomorrow harder. At least for now.
vinsonhe2010-03-31 06:17:52 +0000 #8
2head2010-03-31 04:49:52 +0000 #9
Kobe talent is not high, the current was achieved mostly acquired by his hard work, and strive to come, but James is a rare talent NBA-type player, strong body, amazing bouncing, speed is simply BT,,,,, so Bryant is a genius, James is a genius among the geniuses
revou2010-03-31 07:27:37 +0000 #10
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Invincible Barry2010-03-31 07:56:59 +0000 #11
kids you are wrong, Kobe is talented, that is a basketball sense, As one who, like the ball, but James is to have invincible body, so just like two people fighting, a brawny, great strength, very fast, there is a good general, but he has so many skills .... that to understand it?
Somasun2010-03-31 07:21:49 +0000 #12
friends, your problem is not rigorous ah! Like me to answer, then it is also only a genius, everyone knows that 3 points 7 points sweat truth talent, talent is scattered into a sweat! I'll give you their differences under analysis:

1. Bryant is today (I say now) the most comprehensive player, say flaw is a personal character and life style, just from the professional people, perfect, the ball is partial wind technology, From the breakthrough to low singles, the put into three points and are all proficient in (3 points weaker, or lack of buzzer), attack the entire textbook means yes, he is a typical academic players, fitness class, a small pre - He also capable and competent, but like it or not, fighting super-conscious, older, and gradually comprehend a basketball game is five individuals!

2. LeBron is the best and the brightest of the generation of 03 characters, character, rough, uninhibited, black Well, so the ball the wind side force, from the perspective of the game. An agile hero, a hero power! Not comparable. Differences in age and age did not say, and the small front and SG dry are not the same as the living, the same offense means that he tends to perfection, two defense very well, different is that LeBron is a small front organization, his vision rather sharp, young age was his greatest assets, which, you now see the sharp buckle, destroying the basket and five years later, he will see the elegant of the heads off - and Joe is not immortal too?

Say that both the real Sheng Yu Sheng-liang, compared to personalities Bryant VSAI, Wade VS Anthony! (Why did not James? Because that generation of digital Ye Hao, worth Ye Hao, his one game!)

Therefore, the two are a genius!

babykico262010-03-31 05:48:38 +0000 #13
cqm1795635772010-03-31 09:39:17 +0000 #14
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